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Did you know that in the next few years, the only option you will have for buying insurance will be online? Did you also know that you can start enjoying this convenience right away? Welcome to the NEXT Level of insurance. NEXT Insurance is a groundbreaking concept in the insurance sector. NEXT Insurance provides you with the first online-only range of insurance products calibrated to provide you with benefits you cannot get any other way.

We have combined our years of experience as insurance aggregator serving insurance quotes from leading insurance companies to Kenyans, with our technology expertise to bring you NEXT Insurance. When you buy NEXT Insurance Products, we guarantee that you will get the best rates in the market, the fastest delivery time, and the least inconvenience associated with buying any class of insurance. We have a long term commitment you as our client and we are committed to be the company that will always give you answers to your insurance questions whenever you ask “what next?”

Next Car Insurance is available for purchase right away. We are in the process of launching the rest of our product lines which will include health insurance and travel insurance, among others.

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How Are We Different?

We have designed our products with insights generated using scientific research. This means that we use your data to generate benefits for you, benefits that show up in our premium pricing. We also customize our policies to fit your profile. We have complete confidence in you and in our systems. We know that no one else can get you a better deal.

How do we Deploy Technology in Insurance?

We are a technology company first and we strongly believe that technology should make the lives of our clients easier. We use artificial intelligence and robust analytical techniques to assess thousands of policies in order to develop actionable insights geared towards providing policy benefits to our clients. We are constantly updating and improving our systems to deliver to you the great value.

How can you buy NEXT Insurance Products?

You can buy NEXT Insurance products through this website. Alternatively you can call us for free on 0800721200 and we will support you as you buy your Insurance. NEXT Car Insurance is available for purchase right away.

How Fast Do We Deliver?

We will send your e-policy via email instantly when you pay for your policy. For Car Insurance, the Sticker is delivered to you within 24 hours during working days, while your policy document is delivered to you within 7 days after you complete the car valuation process.

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