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What is NEXT Car Insurance?

NEXT Car Insurance is a Comprehensive Car Insurance Product developed and sold by InsureAfrika The policy is underwritten by a reputable Kenyan Insurance company, whose main strength is the efficient management of claims.

We developed NEXT Comprehensive Car insurance based on our years of experience as an insurance aggregator and on scientific research which included interviews with thousands of Car owners Kenya. The research was conducted to understand the car insurance buying behavior of car owners and what factors influence their decision. With NEXT, we provide you Car Insurance Kenya at a customized cost.  We are always on your side.

With NEXT Car Insurance, we will give you what we promise.  We want to revolutionize the Car Insurance Market in Kenya by giving you -

  • Superior Car Insurance Coverage (Learn more about the NEXT Car Insurance Product)
  • Customized Car Insurance Premium
  • Super-Fast Buying Process
  • 100% Claim Support
  • 200% Customer Service

Why you should buy NEXT Car Insurance

Insurance is the newest way of buying a Car Insurance coverage for your car in Kenya. With Next, we promise to make your life easier by giving you -

Instant Policy

Our technology makes it easier to buy Car Insurance Kenya. We are adding intelligence to make your life easier while buying Car Insurance, for example - we do the guess work to provide you an estimated value of your car, based on data from thousands of car owners. We are also getting rid of the long proposal forms and ask you to provide the most important and relevant information. We will also send you an e-policy within seconds of you making the payment and we make sure you get your Car Insurance sticker within 24 hours (work days). It is the fastest way of buying Car Insurance in Kenya.

Guaranteed Best Price

We are all different people driving different cars in different styles, so why should all of us pay the same rate for our Car Insurance. Our intelligent pricing system makes sure that we customize your Car Insurance prices based on the information you provide. We encourage you to provide accurate & complete information in order for us to generate a personalized Best Quote for you. It is our guarantee that we will give you the best prices for Car Insurance in Kenya.

For You

We understand that Insurance is a Service-based business and that has been often the most ignored part in the Car Insurance industry in Kenya. In a constant attempt to provide you with the best possible service, we have well-trained agents to answer all your questions about Car Insurance. We do all the groundwork for you like delivering your car insurance sticker to you or remembering when your car insurance is expiring so that you don't have to worry. This gives you time to focus on more important things like driving your family, friends out of town or going for that important meeting. Our service and products will make sure you get the best of both worlds. It is our promise that you will not leave us once you buy from us.

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Car Insurance Kenya

Road Accidents are on a rise in Kenya. When your car is involved in an accident, the damages caused to your car becomes your own problem. This means that you will end up spending a significant sum of money in car repairs or buying a new car. Let's see an an example of a vehicle that you may own with a value of KSh. 1,000,000 which is involved in an accident.

Following will be the breakdown of some of the costs you will pay for an “average impact” -

Side Mirror7,500
TotalKsh. 71,000

Similarly, if you drive a popular car, chances are it can be stolen and you will be left stranded. This directly results in a financial loss as not only you will lose a priced asset of yours but you will also spend more to buy a new car.
Additionally, with changing climatic conditions and poor infrastructure, there are more flood prone areas now than ever before which has a potential to seriously damage your car. This again becomes your problem if you are not comprehensively covered.
Hence, we believe that Comprehensive Car Insurance in Kenya is one of the smartest financial decision you will make in order to secure yourself and your car. We understand that by being not fully covered, can take a big toll on your pocket and we would like to protect you against such financial risks by providing you a superior Comprehensive Car Insurance cover in Kenya.

Want to see how much your Car Insurance will cost?

Difference between Third Party Car Insurance & Comprehensive Car Insurance

The difference between the 2 types of Car Insurance can be understood across 3 important factors -

Value of the car

If the value of your car is low, then it makes sense to buy a Third party Car Insurance since damages caused to your vehicle can be repaired at a fairly low cost and quite easily. However, if your vehicle is new or expensive, you should buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance as it will cover you against most kinds of damages caused to your vehicle as mentioned above.


Third party Car Insurance covers damages caused to third party vehicles, injuries caused to other people in an accident, as well as damage to third party property. This is the minimum coverage that you are required to purchase by law. However, this does not cover damages caused to your own vehicle. On the other hand, Comprehensive Car Insurance provides coverage for yourself and your car in case of an unfortunate event. It is a wider coverage plan as it also covers third party damages.


A Comprehensive cover is more expensive than a Third party cover as it provides coverage for a wide variety of injury/loss/damage.

Who underwrites the NEXT Car Insurance product?

Next Car Insurance Kenya product is underwritten by a leading reputable Insurance Company. We take the underwritten product from the company and then customize it by adding more consumer friendly features to come up with a much desirable Comprehensive Car Insurance product.

Finally, we package the product in a presentable manner and back it up by an exceptional customer service so that you get the best value for your money. It's like how coffee companies would process the coffee cherries to bring you the finished ready-to-consume coffee (beans or powder, whatever you prefer).

What does Next Car Insurance Cover?

Inclusions Exclusions

Accidental Damage to your Car

Deliberate Damage to the Car

Theft of the Car

Damage or loss arising from unauthorized use of the vehicle

Accidental Loss (Write-off)

Depreciation, wear and tear, mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, failures or breakagesr

Personal Accident

Accidents Associated with Undeclared Modifications

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What Additional Covers can you buy?

In addition to the basic Comprehensive Car Insurance, we provide the following covers that you can buy to cover against some of the costly damages. We also give some of these covers for free. Check if you qualify by trying our free quotation service for your Car Insurance

Car Entertainment System Replacement

When you buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance from us, we provide a free compensation of up to KSh. 30,000 for the damages caused to your car entertainment system. If the value of your car entertainment system exceeds this amount, you can choose to buy an additional cover at a small cost.

Replacement Courtesy Car

There is a high likelihood that you might not be able to use your car when it is damaged. We can provide you a replacement car for the period your car is getting repaired at a certain cost. You can choose to buy this additional cover so that you don't miss your important tasks.

Political Violence & Terrorism

It is our responsibility to inform you that you will not be covered for the damages caused due to political violence or terrorism. However, we give you an option to protect yourself and your car against such events by buying an extra cover for Political Violence & Terrorism.

Towing Service

We provide a free towing service upto a limit of KSh. 50,000. If you constantly drive at locations far from your home and feel that towing cost maybe higher than the above, you can buy additional limit by paying extra premium.

Road Rescue Service

We give you an option to buy services of AA Kenya, who promise to take care of you and your vehicle in case of an emergency. If you are lucky, we may bundle this in your existing premium. Go ahead, give it a try.

Windscreen Replacement

We provide a free compensation of up to KSh. 50,000 in case your windscreen is damaged. If your windscreen is more expensive than this, we highly recommend you to buy an additional cover by paying a little extra premium.

Excess Protector

Excess is the portion of money we ask you to contribute when we process your claim for any damages. We understand that it in an unfortunate situation, you wouldn't want to worry about paying anything extra, hence we give you an option to buy excess protector cover at a small amount upfront. This will mean that we will take care of 100% of your cost during an event. We may add this for free if you meet some requirements of our product. We request you to try your quote to check if you qualify.

Factors affecting Your Car Insurance Premium

Your driving habits are not same as your friends. Hence, you should not pay the same rate of insurance as compared to others. In other developed Insurance markets, one will pay a different rate based on his/her profile and driving behaviors.

With Next, it is our honest attempt to start taking steps in that direction and reward a driver who is considered as safe driver. We want ensure you don't pay the same premium as a risky driver.

Some factors we consider while pricing our Car insurance premium are as follows -

  • Make of the Car - Some cars attract a lower premium because of the low cost of maintenance.
  • Age of the Car - As the car gets old, the value of the car goes down due to depreciation. Hence, the car insurance premium also goes down.
  • Driver’s Age - Younger drivers are considered more risky compared to older drivers and hence attract a higher premium.
  • Driving Experience - Experienced drivers are considered safer and reliable and thereby attract a lower premium.

Benefits of Renewing with NEXT Comprehensive Car Insurance

Absolute Best Prices

We guarantee you that you will save money when you renew your next car insurance from us. You can check how much you will pay by trying our free service. Alternatively, you can set a renewal reminder and we will do the needful to contact you when you can insurance is close to expiring.

Customer Service

We promise to answer all your queries in the fastest manner possible. We are constantly trying to improve our service.

Superior Product Coverage

Our comprehensive car insurance product provides a high quality coverage for you and your car. We also throw in some extra benefits based your profile. Try if you qualify.

Free Gifts, Covers, etc.

We love surprising you. Giving you free gifts is our way of saying "Thank you for trusting us". Look out for the gifts in the package that you will receive when you get your car insurance sticker.

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