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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance cover in Kenya is the broadest car insurance policy one can buy. The policy takes up a long list of risks that a car is likely to face while on the road. As such, the comprehensive insurance cover is also the most expensive policy that you can buy in Kenya. Under the NEXT brand, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a comprehensive cover but at a much better price. Here are some aspects of the comprehensive motor insurance policy that you can enjoy through NEXT.

What is comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive motor insurance has three key characteristics

First, it is the insurance cover that offers you the broadest cover against most of the insurable risks that you may encounter as a car owner. The cover provides you with a long list of benefits to protect you from the widest possible range of risks that you may face in relation to the use of the car. In this regard, the comprehensive policy ensures that you have the most assurance that you will have a cover should you be involved in an accident.

Secondly, comprehensive insurance coverage is the highest class of motor insurance, with the others being the third party, fire & theft policy, and the third party only policy. The main difference between a comprehensive cover and the third party fire & theft cover as well as a third party only cover, is that the others mainly deal with risk events involving third parties. In the case of a comprehensive cover, the car owner has many benefits.

Thirdly, comprehensive car insurance kenya is the only customizable insurance cover available to vehicle owners. In every comprehensive car insurance coverage, you can customize the cover by adding additional benefits to the basic cover. The additional benefits you can pay for include a windscreen cover, a car stereo cover, political violence and terrorism cover, as well as an excess protector (the excess protector may be available from some companies for the third party only, and the third party, fire & theft policies).

What are you covered for under comprehensive insurance?

The specific elements you are covered for in through NEXT comprehensive car insurance policy include the following.

  1. Theft

    If your car is stolen, the NEXT comprehensive car insurance policy will ensure you get compensation. The value of the compensation will vary depending on factors such as whether your car had an antitheft device and whether it had a tracking device. The amount will also be subject to an excess (a portion of the sum you have been insured for that you are required to pay).

  2. Fire

    The NEXT comprehensive car insurance policy will also ensure that you get insured should your car catch fire accidentally. Car fires are not very common, but they happen. A car burns highly combustible fuels such as diesel and gasoline (petrol), and also uses inflammable lubricants such as engine oil, transmission oil and the power steering fluid. In addition, the engine operates at very high temperatures, and can cause spontaneous ignition. We have said nothing of the hundreds of meters of electrical wiring that circulates electric power to all parts of the car which can also cause sparks or may overheat leading to spontaneous combustion. Thankfully, the NEXT car insurance policy protects you from the damage associated with accidental fire in the car.

  3. Accidental Damage

    When your car is accidentally damaged, whether by yourself or a third party, whether on the road or in a parking space, your comprehensive car insurance policy will ensure you get compensation. Usually, any claim you make in this regard will be subject to excess, and may be investigated before settlement. It is important to note that deliberate damage to your car is not insurable.

  4. Total Loss of the Car

    A car may be totally lost after an accident. In insurance practice, a car is considered lost if the cost of repairs after an accident exceeds 50% of the sum assured. This can be the result of a road accident, a fire, or an accident when the car is parked. Whatever the cause, your car will be replaced if it is totally lost if you have the NEXT comprehensive car insurance policy

  5. Third Party Liabilities

    The fifth benefit of the NEXT car insurance kenya is protection from third party liabilities. Third party risks include accidental damage to other people’s property, whether cars on the road, or other assets such as buildings, goods etc. It also includes injury or death of third parties as a result of an accident, and injury or death of any passengers you are carrying on the car.

  6. Additional Benefits

    The fifth benefit of the NEXT car insurance policy is protection from third party liabilities. Third party risks include accidental damage to other people’s property, whether cars on the road, or other assets such as buildings, goods etc. It also includes injury or death of third parties as a result of an accident, and injury or death of any passengers you are carrying on the car.

How to calculate cost of comprehensive car insurance in kenya?

The cost of a comprehensive insurance in Kenya is determined by various parameters. These parameters include the car model, manufacturing company, prevailing value of the car, the age of the car, and deductible amount etc. When buying NEXT, the car insurance premiums are determined using these parameters. Additionally, NEXT provides you more benefits based on your risk profile. Your risk profile includes factors like age, gender, marital status, driving experience in years and your claims history.

  1. Your Age

    Age is the most significant factor in calculating your insurance premiums. Statistics show that young or old age drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than other age groups.

  2. Gender

    According to a survey, women are considered to be safe drivers than men so they are less likely to file any claim. Thus, a woman typically pays less as compared to men and gets special discounts based on good driving record and credit history.

  3. Marital Status

    A married person is considered more careful and responsible driver. Married people are less likely to pay higher premiums because of their good driving behaviors.

  4. Driving Record

    A driver with a bad driving record has to pay more than the people who have been safe drivers from several years. Keeping a clean driving record and no crash history will reduce your premiums.

  5. Claims History

    Your credit information helps to predict the future chances of filing any claims. Maintaining a good credit history helps to reduce the cost of comprehensive car insurance rates.
    Each of above-mentioned factors heads towards reducing your premiums. With NEXT, adding your accurate details will keep lowering your premiums.

How do you make a comprehensive insurance claim?

The process of making a comprehensive insurance claim is as follows

  1. Report the Incident to the Police

    Report the incident to the nearest police station so at to get a police report. If it’s a car accident, wait at the scene of the accident for traffic policemen to arrive to ascertain who is at fault. This report will be the basis for making your claim.

  2. Report the Incident to the Insurance Company

    The second step is to report the incident to the insurance company. Take care to do this as fast as reasonable, and preferably while still at the accident scene. The company should offer you guidance regarding the information you need to collect to facilitate the processing of claims.

  3. Fill a Claim Form

    Get a claim form from the insurance company, and fill it truthfully. The NEXT Comprehensive Insurance Claim form can be downloaded from this website. After filing the form, make all necessary attachments and send it the insurance company.

  4. Await Investigation or Valuation

    If your car requires repairs, then the insurance company will tow it to a garage and send a valuer to look at it. The company will then pay for repairs. In the case where the company feels the claim is not proper, it will commence its own investigations and it will then proceed based on the recommendations of the investigators.

  5. Receive Compensation

    If the claim requires compensation as is the case when a car is written off, the company will send the compensation money to your bank account.

How do you get the best rates for comprehensive insurance?

The best way to get the best rates for your car insurance is to buy NEXT comprehensive car insurance. We have ensured that no one else in the market can match our prices. If you compare insurance prices on our website and find a cheaper quote than ours, show us the quote and we will match it.