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Motor PSV Insurance Kenya

Whether you currently own a taxi or whether you are in the process of acquiring one, you need to be aware of the unique risks PSVs face. Unlike personal cars, your taxi should ideally be on the road and moving at all times to make money. This means that your taxi is constantly exposed to risks. The cost of maintaining a taxi is also higher than for other cars, in addition to licenses and the cost of PSV Car insurance in Kenya. As such to make a profit, you must carefully manage your risks. NEXT Comprehensive PSV Insurance Kenya was developed to make life easier for you as a taxi owner. We have developed a product that offers you the best rates in the market and also ensures you are covered to protect you from the risk of losing the income from your taxi, in the event of an accident or theft.

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What is NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance?

NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance kenya is a special type of Motor PSV insurance policy in Kenya developed to meet the unique needs of taxi owners. This policy deals squarely with your exposure to risks that arise from the operations of your taxi. As a comprehensive insurance policy, it has three distinct characteristics

First, the NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance Kenya offers you a wide range of benefits, wider than for any other type of PSV Car Insurance in Kenya. Your taxi will be covered from risks such as total loss of the car, the risk of theft of the car, and costs of repairs due to accidents.

Secondly, the policy is optimized to be the most cost effective PSV car insurance policy available for any taxi in Kenya. We have taken time to analyze the risks that taxi owners face by having taxis on the road, and we have further worked out what it will take to manage this risk on their behalf. The result is a unique policy that will meet your needs as a taxi owner very competitively.

The third unique element associated with the NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance Cover is that it is the only Motor PSV insurance in Kenya that you can buy online. We understand that your time is a very critical asset as a taxi owner. We have therefore developed an online system that makes it easy for you to buy your insurance policy without worrying about the time.

NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance is provided by insureafrika, a leader in online insurance sales. You can rest assured that your experience with us will be unmatched and is underpinned by robust technological systems that have been painstakingly crafted to ensure you get the best customer experience as you buy car insurance Kenya.

What Risks do you face as Taxi owner?

As a taxi owner, you face the same risks as any other person who own a vehicle, but with one major difference. For you, these risks are a full time concern because your taxi is always on the road. Other car owners have the option of parking their cars once they arrive at their destination. For you, that is not an option because your taxi should be on the road as much as possible, to make money. The risks you face may be classified as follows.

Loss of Your Car

The risk of loss can occur in in two ways. In the first case, your car may be involved in a serious accident or is lost to spontaneous fire. The insurance company may then decide to write off the car. This usually happens if the cost of repairs exceeds half the value of the car.

If you have the NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance, then the insurance company will compensate you for the loss.

In the second case, you can also lose your car through theft. Theft can occur from where you have packed your car in your absence, or can also occur as a result of a carjacking incidence. If such a loss occurs, your insurer will compensate for the loss if you have the NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance policy.

Damage to Your Car

The NEXT Comprehensive PSV car Insurance covers you from costs that arise from expenses you would incur when your car in involved in an accident and requires repairs. In this case, the insurance company will foot the cost of repairs subject to any excess. Car parts of new cars are quite expensive. Damages that can lead to high repair expenses include breaking you front lights in a collision, damaging your radiator, or bending the bonnet.

As a taxi, your car is constantly on the road and may be hit, scratched, or may itself cause an accident leading to damages. Having our cover is the best way of making sure you are covered from the risks associated with damage to the car.

Third Party risks

The third class of risks that you need to insure yourself against using the NEXT Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy is third party risks. In this case, you are required to pay for any damages your taxi causes to other road users. This includes injuries (or even death) of persons who are involved in an accident caused by your car. It also includes any damage to other people’s property ranging from other cars, to roadside furniture, as well as private property such as fences, gates and barriers. NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance will cover you from all third party liabilities that your taxi is exposed to.

Personal Injury

When an accident occurs and you (or your driver) is personally injured, then you will be shielded from some of the costs of healthcare. The NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance has a token personal accident benefit that may take care of some of the costs associated with hospitalization.

What are you covered for Under NEXT PSV Motor Comprehensive Insurance?

Every insurance policy usually has very specific risks included in the coverage. Our’s is no exception. Here are the specific risks you are covered from when you buy this policy.

Accidental Collision and Overturning

You are covered from the cost associated with repairs arising from an accidental collision with another vehicle or object, and overturning. This means that your policy will take care of any costs arising from these events, whether a total loss, or partial damage.


In the event a fire starts out accidentally in your car, your insurance policy will come in to handle the resulting liabilities. Fires in cars can arise from faulty parts, leakages in the fuel systems, or electrical malfunction. As you are aware, cars have many flammable fluids in them including fuel (petrol or diesel), transmission fluid and power steering fluid. All these can ignite leading to a fire. Similarly, electrical sparking can also start fires in your car.


This is straight forward just as stated. If your car is stolen, your insurer will compensate you-period. However, depending on certain factors the amount of compensation will vary. These factors include whether your car had an antitheft device or not (such as immobilizers and cut out systems), whether it had a car alarm or not, and whether it had an active tracking unit or not.

Malicious Damage

In some cases, your car may suffer from malicious damage from other persons. A very common example is someone reversing into your car in a parking lot causing damage, and then taking off. It can however include people who deliberately and maliciously break car parts such as the windshield, front and indicator lights, or if they dent the car’s body. These risks are covered under the NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance Policy.

Riot & Strike

In politically charged countries like Kenya, riots and strikes can occur (and they often do) with short or no notice to you. As a result, your taxi may be damaged or destroyed by the actions of the people on strike. The NEXT Comprehensive Car insurance policy ensures you are covered from this risk.

Injury and/or death to passengers

In the event that an accident involving your car occurs is serious and causes death or injury to passengers in the car, you will be compensated for any claims related to this accident made against you by the NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance.

Injury and /or death to Third Parties

In some cases, your taxi may hit and injure or cause the death of a third party such as pedestrians and occupants of other cars. In Kenya, pedestrians account for the largest number of fatalities on Kenyan roads. As such, having an insurance policy against such risks is a wise decision. The NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance Kenya is one such policy.

Damage to property belonging to third parties

In case your car damages other people’s property, be it their cars or other property near the road, you will be covered by the NEXT Comprehensive Motor PSV Insurance Policy.

How to calculate cost PSV insurance in kenya?

The cost of PSV insurance in Kenya is influenced by various items. These include the nature of use of the SV, the age of the car, age of the drivers and the claims history. In addition to these parameters, NEXT PSV insurance uses algorithms to determine more discounts for PSV owners. Here is a detailed look at these parameters.

Nature of Use

There are various classes of PSVs in Kenya, each with their own unique risks. PSVs such as matatus and buses operate on designated routes and carry large number of fare paying passengers. At the moment, NEXT does not insure these types of PSVs. There are Taxi cabs which also form part of the PSVs in use in Kenya. Cabs are typically driven by a designated driver and may operate from designated places to any destination a client may require. Apart from these, there are also cars for hire, which are also classified as PSVs. In this case, the clients higher the car for their use and may or may not require a chauffeur. The risk profiles of these PSVs affect the pricing of the premiums.

Age of the Car

The age of a car is a common metric used in the calculation of insurance premiums. In this case, older cars, due to lower value, attract lower premiums as opposed to newer cars. The age of the car does not always have the same impact on the premium of the car even if they are the same model and were built in the same year. In some instances the mechanical condition (state of maintenance) of the car may play a greater role

Age of the Driver

Cars driven by older and also by more experienced drives attract lower premiums. In his case, the calculation of premiums takes into account the experience of the driver. More experienced drivers are less likely to cause accidents and hence they attract lower premiums

Claims History

The claims history of a car also affects its cost of premiums. This means that if the owner of the car has recently made a claim on it, then the car will attract full premiums. It is advisable therefore not to make frivolous claims on your motor insurance because it makes premiums more expensive in subsequent years.

How do you make a Claim on your NEXT PSV Motor Comprehensive Insurance?

The process of making a claim against your NEXT Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy has the following steps.

  • Ascertain that the situation you are in will require the involvement of the insurance company

    Once an event has occurred, assess the situation to see whether it is a minor issue that you can handle yourself or whether you need to involve your insurer. Some accidents may not be serious and may only constitute superficial scratches that a good buffing will solve. Others are such that the car is damaged and need to be towed from the scene. If in doubt, please call us right away.

  • Get in touch with us on our customer service number

    The next step is to get in touch with us on our dedicated customer service number (Toll Free-0800 721200) which is also found at the back of your insurance sticker. We will advise you on what you need to do and how to proceed so at to make any subsequent claim successful.

  • Gather the information that you will need to fill the claim form

    The next step is to gather the information required to fill the claim form. You will need a police abstract form detailing what happened and may also assign blame. You also need to gather some of the information yourself. In this case, you need to get the contact details of the other person. If it is another motorist, get their contact details, the registration number of their car, their license number (take a photo of it if possible), their national ID number, and their insurance policy number. If you can, take photos of the accident scene.

  • Download and fill the Claim form

    The Next step is to download and fill the claim form from our site. Make a copy of the form and attach all necessary documentation. This includes the police abstract alongside all the other details you gathered in the accident scene. Drop the claim form and all attachments to our office.

How to get the best Insurance rates for your taxi?

If you are looking for the best insurance rates for your taxi, we can tell you authoritatively that you will not find a better rate in Kenya except by buying NEXT Comprehensive Motor PSV Insurance Kenya . Our application process includes several factors, which we ask you, to help us determine whether you qualify for discounts. The process of filling our online form on this website is therefore your best bet at getting the best price for your PSV Car insurance in Kenya. We reward carefully drivers. Once you are in our system, we will discount your premiums based on your claims record in any future purchase of Motor PSV Insurance Kenya. We believe that careful drivers should be rewarded for not making claims against their policies.

How can you Buy a NEXT Comprehensive PSV Motor Insurance policy?

The process of buying the NEXT comprehensive car insurance policy is simple. All you need to do is to fill our online form. Once you complete the form, giving us your details and your coverage preferences, we will send you a quote immediately on your email. You will also be able to view the quote online. You will have the option of paying the premium quoted using MPesa, VISA, among other payment modes, including by cheque. Once you make the payment, you will receive a copy of your insurance policy sent to you via email, as well as a letter indicating where to go for valuation. We will then send you the insurance certificate (sticker) via courier, typically within the same day in Nairobi. You can also pick the insurance certificate from our offices in Westlands.

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