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About Next

What is NEXT

NEXT Insurance is the answer to every insurance customer who is wondering when the insurance sector will adopt technology to make the process of buying insurance less painful. NEXT Insurance is a new product line for insurance products sold in Kenya that has one major twist. Its delivering the NEXT Level of Insurance. This means removing all red tape, physical forms, hassles and everything inefficient from the process of buying insurance. It also means offering personalized policies to each customer based on their risk profile.

Why was NEXT Created

NEXT Insurance was created to provide you-the consumer-with all the advantages of technology as you buy insurance and when you make claims. NEXT Insurance wanted to make it possible for you to buy your insurance policies online, at your own convenience and through a superfast process. This is now possible through our online system. NEXT insurance also make the claims process fast and predictable. Our systems will ensure that your claims are processed swiftly, and are not stuck in red tape.

How was NEXT Created

NEXT Insurance was created through the careful application of technology to insurance, and informed by science. We used large data sets generated from scientific research and from the insurance industry to gain insights into the inner workings of insurance policy pricing and service delivery. After crunching the numbers we developed solutions to all the key problems that currently lead to delays in buying insurance and processing claims.

Who Should Buy NEXT Insurance Policies

We would love it if everyone who buys car insurance in Kenya would buy NEXT Insurance, and for sure, everyone is invited. However, buying NEXT Insurance will only make sense to you if you believe in the power of technology to make our lives easier. If spending days looking to buy a car is not your idea of efficiency, then NEXT comprehensive car insurance is for you. If you would also like to have your claims processed fast and conveniently, then you are the kind of person who will enjoy NEXT Insurance

When was it Created

Next was created in 2017, based on over three years’ experience deploying technology to insurance processes. During this time we have served quotes worth over KSh. 500 Million and helped customers save millions of shillings in Car Insurance Premiums

Who Created NEXT

NEXT Insurance is a creation of InsureAfrika. NEXT insurance products are underwritten by reputable insurance Companies in Kenya.