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The Claims Process

While every car owner  is required to buy a car insurance policy, not all car owners make claims against  their policies. This is the case because not everyone gets involved in an accident. It is however helpful to understand how the claims process works so that you know what to do when an accident happens. Here is the car insurance claims process you should use to lodge a claim as NEXT Car Insurance Customer.

Contact Us Immediately after the accident

Get in touch with us immediately after the car accident. Our customer service team will help you to know what you need to do depending on the accident. Getting in touch with us will help your case because we will ensure that you follow all the steps required for you to lodge a successful claim. Some of the things we will require you to do are as follows.

First, get a police report from the accident scene. A police report serves as the official incident report and in general, claims are never processed without one.

Secondly, if you can, take photos of the accident scene highlighting damage to both cars.

Thirdly, collect the details of the other driver. These details include a copy of their driver’s license, copy of their national ID (or ID number), the policy number indicated on the insurance certificate (the sticker), their phone, physical address and the number plate details of their car.  

If you will need to be towed as per your policy, contacting us will also make it possible for us to support you to get this service as soon as possible.

Prepare the Necessary Documentation

Once you have documented the incident, fill in the Car insurance Claim form available here, and attach all necessary documentation. We recommend that you get help from our customer care agents when filing the claim form. This will increase your chances of your claim being processed quickly.

Send us all the Details

Once you have compiled all the documents, drop them at our office for processing. If you prefer, you can also fill the online claim form and attach all the required documents. Either way, we will forward your claim to the insurance underwriter for processing.

This simple Car Accident Insurance Claims Process is what we use to process any claims made by NEXT Car Insurance customers.

Claim Form

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