8 Safety Tips To Avoid A Car Accident

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Tips To Avoid A Car Accident

For most, car is one of the major and favorite asset they possess. So, an obvious question that arises is about the safety and maintenance of your favorite possession. How well do you maintain your new or old car? What steps do you take to ensure it runs smoothly? What precautionary measures do you adopt for the safety of the car? These are a few of the necessary queries that must drive your way to evaluate safety measures for the car in Kenya.

When you are driving on the roads in Kenya ensure that you follow certain car safety tips for the betterment of your and other’s lives. Car accidents in Kenya are one of the main cause for loss of lives.

According to stats provided by National Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA), 12,000 victims of road accidents were reported in 2015 in Kenya, of which 3,000 were claimed to be fatalities.

Bad driving habits, inexperienced drivers and drunk driving were deduced to be the most common reasons behind the occurrence of a car accident.

In an event such as car accident, monetary loss is another aspect that is to be considered. Financial concerns can lay an impact in the form of medical bills and repair expenses incurred from the damage caused to the car.

Hence, what is essential for car safety in Kenya includes two perspectives:

  • Precautionary measures to avoid an accident
  • Buying an insurance plan to meet the financial requirements after an accident

The blog will initiate with a detail list of tips to avoid an accident, followed by the importance of purchasing an insurance policy for the complete safety and security of your car.

To Avoid A Car Accident – Follow These Precautionary Measures

Read further to get an insight of the measures that you must adopt in order to avoid car accidents and enhance the safety, longevity of your car.

1. Keep Your Vehicle Safe

An important aspect of your car safety is its proper maintenance. A properly maintained car also adds longevity to its performance. Take your car for a regular checkup from a professional mechanic or car agency. This will help fix any detected maintenance issues that can’t be otherwise detected. The step will ensure the car doesn’t meet with an accident due to internal flaws.

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Tire pressure, car brakes are the most common factors that can lead to a severe crash. Improper, uneven tire pressure adversely affect the car performance and can result in blowout. Softness in the brake pedal or brakes that are wearing out can cause problems. Get your car checked from a trusted mechanic to ensure complete car safety.

2. Maintain distance between cars

A part of the safe driving guidelines recommends drivers to maintain a necessary space between their car and the one ahead of them. It takes time for the driver to react in case the car is supposed to be stopped or turned. So, prefer that a distance is maintained to avoid crashes with the other car as you might have to apply sudden brakes.

3. Watch for the weather conditions

Avoid driving during bad weather conditions. Be extra careful if you have to drive during conditions of fog, heavy rain, a snowstorm or on icy roads. The roads are slippery and accident-prone during such time. You must adopt extra precautionary measure while driving during this phase, like driving below speed limit, being extra careful while driving around the curves and maintaining the necessary space between your car and the one ahead of you. In case the weather gets worse, ensure you find a safe place to wait before moving further.

4. Buckle up your Seat Belt

Most of us don’t understand the importance of seat belts but it is necessary you wear them while driving.  Wearing seat belts helps save lives as it is the first line defense during an accident. During a crash, if you are belted properly, it will prevent jerk, head injuries, broken bones and from you being thrown out of the vehicle. There are high chances of survival, if you are wearing a seat belt.

5. Don’t Drive Drowsy

You must not drive when tired enough to fall asleep. The consequences of such an action are predictable. You may eventually end up causing a major accident if you are sleep driving. Being a little drowsy even can let turn things into a deadly scenario and adversely affect your and other’s lives.

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In order to avoid the risk of accident, take a proper sleep before you start off for a long drive or even a regular one. If you’re driving and feel the least bit groggy, immediately ask the accompanying person to take over behind the wheel or find a proper rest area to catch some sleep.

6. Limit the use of cellphones

It has been recorded that the use of cellphones while driving can lead to severe consequences. Hence, even laws have been passed to make sure the mobile phone are banned during driving your car. Each year several lives are lost in a car accident and the reason behind the negligent driving is attributed to the increasing use of cellphones. Talking or texting behind the wheel can delay reaction times of the driver.

In addition to cell phones, one must avoid other distractions including, eating, applying makeup, fiddling with electronic devices or interacting with passengers. You should concentrate on the road and the wheel while driving.

7. Over-Speeding

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fast speed is one of the most common reason that contributes to traffic crashes.

On an average, speeding will only help you save a few minutes but increase the chances of car accidents. It is essential you obey the speed limits to avoid severe car crashes. In case, you want to reach your destination on time, prefer to leave early taking a margin of the traffic jams and speed limit.

8. Don’t Drive Drunk

The foremost  precaution strictly advised is to avoid alcohol and driving. Drinking and driving should never be mixed as this leads to loss of life and property. er of impairments that lead to car accidents. Even low level of alcohol in the blood restricts the mind from taking wise decision during driving. High blood-alcohol levels leads to blurred or double vision and even loss of consciousness. Hence, consider it a sin to drink and drive.

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If you are drunk, ask a friend to ride you home or call a cab. Take such necessary steps to avoid driving drunk and thus the severe consequences.

Get a Car insurance plan for complete safety

It is essential that you follow the aforementioned tips and precautions to avoid accidents. However, a step in advance would embrace buying an appropriate car insurance policy.

Whether you own a new car or an old one, ensure that it is covered under a certain insurance plan. You might feel it is unnecessary to invest in car insurance Kenya but this significant step will turn out to be highly beneficial. The concept of car insurance should be considered more of an essentially and you must buy a suitable plan according to your requirements.

The major benefit of purchasing a car insurance plan is that the insurance company will bear all the costs incurred after an accident. You will not be liable to pay for any medical bills or repair expenses. As per your convenience and necessities, choose from the three different car insurance policies offered by the insurance companies in Kenya.

You may need third party car insurance, third party fire and theft insurance or the comprehensive car insurance . Several companies in Kenya provide options to purchase the car insurance plans offline and/or online. Be wise to choose a reputed firm to buy the policy. Also, make certain you compare the quotes and the coverage of the policy before finalizing the insurance.

InsureAfrika, a leading name in the Kenyan insurance market, offers a safe and secure way of purchasing online car insurance. “Next insurance” is a new product launched by the company for those looking for trusted and high-coverage car insurance plans in Kenya. Check out for more details about the plan and know more of how you can safeguard your car.

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