8 Tips You Need To Follow After A Car Accident

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8 Tips You Need To Follow After A Car Accident

According to Global Status Report on Road Safety in Kenya, more than 8000 people become victim of road accidents and traffic crashes every year. Among these, most of the people are motor owners. No one can predict an accident or such event but precautions can be taken care of to avoid or overcome such circumstances.

The most significant consideration is knowledge about motor insurance.  We can’t predict who is at fault but losses can be reimbursed if one has purchased motor insurance at the time of purchase of a new car. People are obscure about car insurance in Kenya.

If we talk about insurance sector in Kenya, insurance market is growing day by day and a number of insurance firms are being established in last few years. All most every insurance company provides motor insurance and each company has its own policies and norms. Car Insurance Firms in Kenya provide car insurance covers against wide range of risks and are not so expensive.

What To Do After a Car Accident?

A car accident is an unfortunate event that leaves a person inscrutable. One must know what to do in such a stressful situation. Taking the right steps can help you handle the situation in a wiser way and get out of trouble.

Check for Injuries:

The situation of being in an accident is critical and it’s really important to stay calm. Breathe deeply and relax down. Observe the surroundings. Now check for injuries. If you are injured, do not move. It would be better to stay still.The more collected you are, the better you can handle the situation. And, if you are absolutely fine, don’t take any step in a hurry. Check if there is a third party loss, any person injured or vehicle damage. If yes, call an ambulance immediately.

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Take Preliminary Steps

If it is a minor accident and no one is injured, get out of the traffic first. Move the vehicle to the safest place nearby. And if there is a major accident, turn on the hazard lights if possible. This will intimate drivers behind you about the occurrence of an accident ahead.

Exchange Information:

Share information with the third party, if involved. Collect information about their vehicle, make, model, year of car and license number of third-party individual. Also write down the essential personal information like name, addresses and phone number of persons.

File A Report

If you are indulged into a minor accident, go to the local police station and report the accident. And in case, it is a major accident, call the police to the incident site. They will inspect the incident, talk to the involved parties, and write up an accident report.

Filing an official police report regarding the accident would be beneficial while filing a claim. Obtain a copy of report or you can also ask the officer for the report number.

Take Photos

If you have a camera along with you or a smartphone, you can take pictures of vehicles involved in accident, damage, license plates etc. at the scene. This kind of documentations aids in getting claim from insurers.

Make Notes

Things happen so quickly that it’s easy to forget details. Recall the incident and note down your recollections about everything happened, including the damage to all cars. If possible, get the contact information of any witnesses.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

It is very important to contact your insurer as soon as possible to report the accident and damages, if any. In both cases, whether accident is major or minor, contacting the car insurance company is important because, your agent can go through the incident and help you with the recovery options even if accident is minor.

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Stick With the Facts

From the time of inspection to claim approval, stay polite and truthful. Don’t be nervous and never leave the accident site until everything is taken care of. Your carelessness and hurry may mask the symptoms.

Steps to follow while Filing a claim:

After you have filed a claim for the damage encountered by you or your vehicle in the accident, you need to take the below-mentioned steps to get an immediate response on your claim.

Schedule an Inspection with your Agent

If your vehicle have gone through accidental damage, it becomes your duty to schedule an inspection appointment with your insurer to determine the repairing cost you will get as a reimbursement. Call your insurer and fix an appointment with him. The insurer can recommend you the repairing shop and you are completely free to choose the best repairing service or shop.

Talk to your Insurance Adjuster

Insurance Adjuster is the person who investigates all the insurance claims in order to determine the extent of liability that can be given by the insurance company. So, you should speak with your claim adjuster and discuss about vehicle’s damage, police report, statements given by witnesses. If any. After reviewing the documents and clarifications, will determine faults and provide you with an estimated cost that will be covered against the accident by your insurance company.

Stay Updated with the Claim Status

Most of the insurance firms are present on web these days. Such firms permit you to check your claims status online. You can view the status of your claim with a particular reference number. And if your insurance company is not present online, then you can keep in contact of your insurer to stay updated with the status of your insurance claim. Some of the insurance companies also provide text message service to inform their customers about status.

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Get your Repaired Vehicle back

As soon as the claim adjuster finalizes the coverage amount, your insurer can guide you how to receive your claim amount. The insurers may pay the amount electronically direct to your account or they can also pay to the repairing shop directly. This way you can get your vehicle repaired and in case, you have injuries, medical expenses are also paid by the company.

If you choose right car insurance company and best insurance plan for your vehicle, you will get  coverage for all the accidental loss or medical expenses for bodily injuries. Car Insurance Companies in Kenya provide different types of insurance covers for vehicles.

But it is advisable to purchase an insurance plan that will cover all types of losses and provide the highest level of protection for your vehicle. NEXT, is the newest way to buying a comprehensive car cover.

Our Car Insurance Kenya product, will cover your motor against all types of risks such as accidental damage, theft, fire damage, vandalism, loss due to natural calamities etc. If you are planning to buy one for your car or thinking about car premium renewal, you can purchase here easily.

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