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WIBA Insurance Kenya
What is WIBA (ACT) and how does it work in Kenya?

The Work Injuries Benefits Act (WIBA) came into force in 2007. It's essential role is to ensure that their employers compensate anyone injured on the job. It is clearly stated that each employer has the responsibility to take out an insurance contract for the safety, health and well-being of its employees, working in an organization or in business premises.

Labor Laws about Health and Safety Act 2010 provides for the safety, health and well-being of employees and all persons legally present at the workplace.

The law aimed to stem the flow of employees who lose their livelihoods as a result of work-related injuries. The reasoning was that employers should bear the burden of injury that their workers experience while working. Insurance companies responded by developing a special WIBA (Kenya Insurance) policy, also known as employer liability insurance. From the insurance point of view, WIBA presented an insurable risk for companies that could be subscribed.

Insurance companies have developed a WIBA policy that now allows employers in Kenya to eliminate the risks associated with a compensation claim for injured employees. Here are some ways that employers can get competitive quotes for their WIBA needs.

WIBA Insurance Cover Kenya

This cover provides compensation to employees for employment injuries and illnesses incurred in the course of their employment and for related purposes, in accordance with the work injury benefit Act (WIBA Kenya).

Compensation for Permanent Total Disability

Life Assistance

Occupational Disease

Compensation for Temporary Total/Partial Disability

Accidental Medical Expenses

Funeral Expenses

Work Injury Benefits Act - WIBA Insurance In Kenya

The Work Injuries Benefits Act (WIBA)/Employer Liability Insurance Act is a cover in Kenya to take care of the responsibilities of employers that may result from accidents in the workplace involving employees.

This policy covers the costs of treatment, hospitalization or rehabilitation that a company may incur if an employee is involved in an accident at the workplace.

The main difference between WIBA and individual accident coverage is that WIBA is only effective in the workplace.

Additional Benefits

  • Funeral Expenses
  • Claims Preparation Fee
  • Emergency / Rescue Transport
  • Repatriation/Body transfer
  • Mobility

Employer's Responsibility

  • Per person - 20 million KSh
  • By event - 100 million KSh
  • In total - 500 million KSh

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