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Renter’s Insurance Kenya
Are You Renting?

Home insurance Kenya covers your personal belongings that are normally used inside and outside of a home, including furniture, household items, appliances, cameras, phones, laptops and other personal effects. The solution offers financial compensation for:

  • Loss or deterioration of contents by fire, lightning, thunderstorm, earthquake, volcanic eruption, explosion, impact on building due to an external force, bursting, overflowing or leaking water tanks or pipes, theft or attempted theft
  • Expenses incurred for debris removal, fire brigade, emergency home repairs and alternative accommodation
  • Loss or damage to content caused by riots, strikes, civil unrest or malicious damage
  • Loss or damage to the landlord's facilities
  • Accidental damage to fragile objects such as televisions, glass top tables, wall clocks and showcases
  • Damage or loss to your content during your temporary absence from your usual residence

The Purpose of Renter's Insurance Kenya

If you rent a property - a house, a condo or an apartment in Kenya - the tenant's insurance policy is designed to cover your needs. This policy will include:

Medical Payments

Coverage of medical payments as a "bona fide" payment system if someone gets hurt on your property

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage to cover your legal defence and any possible judgment against you if you cause injury to someone or damage their property.

Personal Property

Coverage of personal property for your belongings - at a stated amount.

Loss of Use

Protection against loss of use to cover all or part of the relocation expenses in case of loss and if your rental property is uninhabitable during a given period

Many people think that they can get away without buying the tenant's insurance, but the risk of losing everything you own if your home is destroyed, or as part of a lawsuit.

Talk to Next Insurance professional about your home insurance kenya needs when you buy your investment property or if you own a property, you later decide to rent to someone else. This is especially important if you lived in the house and decided to move out and rent it. Failure to inform your insurance company of major changes in ownership and use of the property could cause problems in the event of a disaster.

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