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Home Insurance Kenya
Why You Need Home Insurance In Kenya?

Buying home insurance or Domestic Package insurance Kenya will simplify the research work of the insured. No need to knock on the door of insurers to inquire about their rates and guarantees.

From now on, the subscription of domestic package insurance Kenya is done quickly on the Internet, all without having to move. You can in just a few clicks cancel your old home in favor of a new one better adapted to your profile. Accessible at any time of the day, the comparison services and subscription are easy to use. And our experts are doing their best to make the search for your home insurance online more flexible and practical.

Understand How Home Insurance Works in Kenya

A home insurance cover kenya that allows the insured to protect his home from any type of disaster: fire, water damage, natural disasters, theft and burglary etc.

Optionally, home insurance can also cover outdoor facilities such as your garden, cover the damage of your garden or 2 animals or defend you for free in case of dispute with the legal protection guarantee.

If You Are a Renter

A renters home insurance in Kenya is mandatory. It covers your movable possessions that are normally used within and outside the home including furniture, household goods.

If You Are an Owner

We cover your building, together with your fixtures and fittings, and other movable possessions that are normally used within or outside the home.

How to Buy Home Insurance Online in Kenya

Before subscribing to domestic package insurance online in Kenya, it is important to have carefully selected the content of the contract according to your needs.

You must, therefore, pay attention to the price of your insurance, as well as its guarantees (mandatory and optional), any exclusions, deductibles applied or the general and special conditions of the contract.

The home insurance cover Kenya is at least mandatory liability, which covers any damage caused by the occupants of your home to a third party. Then come to the basic guarantees already included in the contract:

Fire Warranty

Water Damage Guarantee

Natural Disaster Guarantee

Flight & Burglary Guarantee

Ice Break Guarantee

Guarantee Attacks & Terrorist Acts

Lastly, the optional guarantees cover you more specifically and depend on your situation. If you have a swimming pool, a garden, a chimney, a dog considered dangerous (category 1 or 2) or a lot of appliances, you will have the possibility to take out special insurance for each of these cases.

It's up to you to decide which guarantee can best protect your home before taking out home insurance online.

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Which Claims Are Covered Under Home Insurance Kenya?

Home insurance is essential in order to protect housing and all property and occupants who will be there. In view of its importance, both as an owner and as a renter, your home insurance must be adapted to your budget and the desired level of guarantees. But what does it protect you from? Answers below:

  • Fires
  • Water damage
  • The theft and burglary
  • Electrical damage
  • Weathering
  • Natural disasters
  • Technological disasters
  • Attacks and terrorist acts

What is Covered under Home Insurance Policy In Kenya?


The policy provides compensation for damage to your building/property up to the maximum indicated limit.

Loss of Rent/Alternative Housing

Your home insurance policy in Kenya will compensate you for loss of rent or rent that you will have to pay for another home if your home becomes uninhabitable due to an insured event. The advantage is subject to the indicated limits.

Total Value of all Insured Items for all Risks

This is the total amount of compensation you can get for the loss or damage of objects used inside and outside the home. The cover includes fixed and moving objects and is valid worldwide.

Maximum Compensation for a Single Element (Content)

The "all risk" benefit refers to the maximum amount you will receive as compensation for any item normally used inside the home.

Policy Excess (Property/Building)

This is the portion of each loss that you will have to bear. AAAA will pay you the difference between the actual loss or maximum limit (the lower of the two) and the specified policy overrun.

Excess Earthquake

If you have insured your home and it is damaged by an earthquake, you will bear 2% of the loss, or 5,000,000 Kshs, whichever is lower.

Property Owned by Servants

This benefit provides compensation for accidental loss or damage to property owned by your domestic workers.

Number of Domestic Servants Covered (WIBA)

This specifies the number of domestic workers that will be covered when you buy our home insurance policy. This means that we will cover the cost of domestic workers in case of accidental injury.

Garden Furniture

This benefit is available to cover any loss or accidental damage to fixed and mobile furniture used outdoors.

Loss of Documents

This benefit ensures that you will be compensated if you accidentally lose physical documents within the indicated limits.

Pet Medical/Veterinary Expenses (Accidents Only)

The domestic policy covers the medical and veterinary expenses that you may incur if your pets are accidentally injured, within the indicated limits.

Loss of Credit Card

If you lose your credit card, this benefit covers the actual replacement costs of the card, with a limit of KSh. 3000 /- for a card. We will ask you to report the claim within 24 hours.

Guest Effects

This benefit provides compensation for property belonging to your domestic staff in the event of loss or accidental damage to your premises.

Pedal Cycle

This benefit ensures that you are compensated for the loss or damage to your child's pedal cycle, within the indicated limits.

Contact Lenses

If you accidentally lose or damage your contact lenses, you will be eligible for compensation up to the indicated limit.

Wedding Gifts

We will offer you an additional 10% of the insured amount for the value of the contents of the house one month before and after the wedding.

Reimbursement of Emergency Home Repairs

If your home requires urgent repairs as a result of accidental damage, you can claim compensation for the costs, subject to the stated limits.

Commercial Property in a Private Dwelling House

When you have a professional property in your home, lose it or suffer accidental damage, this benefit makes you eligible for compensation.

Trauma Counseling

This benefit compensates you for the costs of counselling for you and your family resulting from a theft or accident, up to the limit indicated.

Debris Removal

This benefit covers costs incurred to remove debris as a result of an accident up to the amount indicated.

Electric Clause

This benefit covers you with liabilities related to the loss, destruction or damage caused by fire to insured property. Responsibilities may include running overheats, excessive pressures, short circuits, arcing, self-heating, leakage, including any loss or damage caused by lightning.

Hospital Cash Cover for House Employees

Following the hospitalization of your domestic employee(s), you will receive an allowance of 500 Ksh for each day of hospitalization of the latter. This benefit is effective from the third to the twentieth day of hospitalization.

24-Hour Personal Injury for Domestic Workers

The cover provides compensation in the event of accidental death or accidental and total disability of your domestic workers. The cover is open 24 hours worldwide basis.

Firefighter Fees

If you need to call the fire department, we will compensate you for the corresponding costs, up to Ksh 50,000.

Ambulance Services

Home rescue in case of medical emergency.

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