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What Is One Month Third-Party Car Insurance?

NEXT 1-Month Third Party Car Insurance is a third party Car Insurance Product which is ideal when one requires temporary insurance to drive a vehicle at an effective pricing range. With a day-to-day advancement in technology, the insurance sector has opened new ways to buy insurance the minute you need it. We have implemented technology in our business in order to provide you an online platform for buying car insurance and easily dealing with everyday situations while driving on the road.

The product is developed with the aim to address the needs of customers who can't pay an annual premium of third party cover at once and are looking for cheaper means to buy insurance. There are certain situations when one month car insurance can prove beneficial for you. Under this product, one can enjoy all the benefits of a third-party cover for a period of one month. It is quick and easy to purchase online through NEXT.

With NEXT 1-Month Third-party Car Insurance, we will give you what we promise. NEXT is giving a flexible option to insurance by paying when you actually need the cover and thus, better understanding the value of money.

  • Cost-Effective & Super Beneficial Coverage
  • Customized Policy Term
  • Instant Buying Process
  • 100% Claim Support
  • 200% Customer Assistance

Why you should buy NEXT 1-Month Third party Car Insurance?

NEXT is the only platform that offers you a variety of benefits within third party car insurance for a period of one month at an unmatchable price in the Insurance market of Kenya.

We strive to provide you with -

Instant Policy

We have been successfully selling NEXT Car Insurance since 2017. NEXT Insurance is a fully comprehensive car cover customized to your needs. Based on our four years’ experience in Insurance sector, we have observed that lots of people in Kenya are switching to short term car insurance policy as an easy option for money saving. So, we do a lot of guesswork to understand the needs of people and how to offer them the right insurance coverage at a right price.

This time, we have come up with such a product which will help you cut down your expenses of motor insurance premiums. While buying the 1-Month Third-Party Insurance from NEXT, you will no longer be filling those lengthy proposal forms. We will need only relevant information about your vehicle and provide you instant quotes. Within seconds of payment, an e-policy will be sent to your registered email Id. We do make sure that you receive your Car Insurance sticker within 24 hours (work days).

Best Price

We, through our flexible third-party car insurance policy term, are offering a cost-effective replacement for the annual insurance policy to our customers and thus, helping them to save on car insurance costs. This is the best thing in relation to one-month car insurance​ policy. We assure you that we will generate best quotes at the best prices in Kenya.

Hassle-Free Buying

The policy protects you from any legal or financial liability that arises out of an accident within a month. Buying one-month car insurance policy is really a completely hassle-free process that includes much less red tape as compared to other annual insurance policies.

Benefits of 1-Month Car Insurance:

  1. Death or body injury to a third party
  2. Damage to third party property
  3. Medical Expenses for Third Party

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Who should buy NEXT 1-Month Third-party Car Insurance?

Business Travelers

Report the incident to the nearest police station immediately. Now that you have informed the police, wait at the scene of the accident so as to get the police report. The police will issue this report based on the fact that who is liable for the accident.

People who Loan A Car

In case one needs to loan a car for a short-term, then a 1-month car insurance policy is undoubtedly worth considering in order to avoid any mishap or accident.

People who drive less

Among overall population of Kenya, lots of people used to walk, book cabs or use public transport for their destination. So, one who drives infrequently can buy a one-month third party insurance for the period when needs to drive. This not only protects you against any third-party liability but also helps to save money.

Temporary Additional Driver

If you are welcoming guests to your home who want to drive your car, a one month car insurance is perfect way to get behind the wheel during their stay. This will save on public transport costs, and will be much more convenient for your guests.

Policy Renewal Time

During policy renewal, if a person is not sure where to renew the policy or which policy to purchase, a 1-month third party insurance is the best idea to drive the vehicle. As such, third party is a mandatory car insurance policy in Kenya, so with this product, you can drive freely and shop around for renewing policy in various insurance providers in Kenya.

Borrowing a Car

When a person borrows a car, he or she wants to ride as smooth as possible. In order to drive safe, the most convenient and reasonable way to go with is a temporary car insurance policy and there is nothing better than a one month third-party cover in Kenya. Buying this product is quick and efficient as you can instantly receive a quote and buy it online.

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