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Third-Party Car Insurance Kenya

Third party car insurance in Kenya is the minimal car insurance cover one can purchase. The third-party insurance cover, also termed as ‘act-only’ cover is the most mandatory policy that you require in Kenya. The policy protects you from any legal liability that may occur due to involvement of your car in an accident while on the road. With NEXT, you get to enjoy all the benefits of a third-party cover at an incomparable price. Here are some aspects of the third-party motor insurance policy that you can enjoy through NEXT.

What is Third Party Insurance?

Our third party car insurance product has two major characteristics:

First, the third party insurance Kenya offers the least costing protection plan with the most basic benefits to minimize the car owner's worries with its scope of coverage offered during an accident. Be it property damage, death, total disability or bodily injury or any loss to a third party will be compensated by the insurance company. Hence, you are shielded from the financial or legal liability arising towards a third party.

  • Mandatory Policy
  • Protected from Legal Liability
  • Protected from Financial Liability
  • Incomparable Price

Second, third party car insurance is an inevitable policy in Kenya.The Motor Vehicle Third Party Risks (Amendment) Act, 2013, has made Third party insurance mandatory for vehicles plying on the Kenyan roads. You must have a third party insurance for your vehicle. A car without a third party insurance is deemed illegal.

What does Third Party Car Insurance Cover?

Under NEXT, you are covered with a couple of elements through third party car insurance policy:-

Third Party legal liability

In case of death, disability or severe bodily injuries to the third party, NEXT assures you to provide instant assistance when the vehicle insured is involved in an accident. This means if your car is involved in an accident, the policy will protect the car owner from the arising liabilities.

In case, the third party loses his/her life during the accident, NEXT offers death compensation amount of 3,000,000 Kenyan Shillings per person.

If the third party gets injured due to the accident, the third party insurance car covers right from minor injuries to major fractures.

Any partial or permanent physical disability sustained during an accident, the victim will be covered with the financial compensation for the loss. The compensation amount will be again 3 million KSH per person.

Property Damage

The third party car insurance protects the policyholder from liabilities arising from damage to the property of third parties. This means if the accident results in damage to any property, car, infrastructure, personal belongings or building of the third party, then the insurance company settles down the losses occurred to the property with a compensation amount up to KSh 5,000,000. And this is done by the third party insurance cover.

Passenger Death/Injury Liability

The third element associated with this policy is that liabilities arising from passenger injury. When your passengers are injured due to an accident while inside the car, then they are eligible for compensation because of the third party cover. As a compensation, they will receive an amount of 3,000,000 shillings per person with an upper limit of 20,000,000 per event. This means maximum amount of compensation offered by the insurance company for passenger injury or death is 20,000,000.

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How do you file a third party car insurance claim with NEXT?

The process of making a third party insurance claim is as follows:-

Report the Incident to the Police

Report the incident to the nearest police station immediately. Now that you have informed the police, wait at the scene of the accident so as to get the police report. The police will issue this report based on the fact that who is liable for the accident.

Report the Incident to the Insurance Company

The second step is to report the incident to the insurance company. Make sure to do so at your quickest while still at the incident site. The company should allow the police to determine who is liable and issue the police report. If you will be at fault, police will file a police abstract with all the key details of the accident. This report will become the basis for the claim.

Fill a Claim Form

Get a claim form from the insurance company, and fill it truthfully. The NEXT Third Party Insurance Claim form can be downloaded from this website. The claim form requires you to provide details of the incident, the nature of the claim being made, the amount, and the intended beneficiaries. After filing the form, make all necessary attachments and send it to the insurance company.

Await Investigation or Valuation

The investigator examines all the proofs along with the entire incident and make a recommendation regarding whether the claim should be paid out, or how much the claim is worth. This step is necessary for the insurance company to ascertain the accuracy of the claims made. If the company suspects the claim is not accurate, it will commence its own investigations.

Receive Compensation

If the claim requires compensation as in the case when third party suffers loss as a result of the incident involving your car, the company will fulfill all formalities relating to the claim, notify the recipient of the compensation offered for the damages. Once the beneficiary accepts the offer, the money will then be transferred to their bank account.

How do you buy the third party insurance with NEXT?

With Next, we pledge to serve you with the quickest way to get the third party car insurance.
We assure you that no one else in the market can match our prices.

Instant Policy

With the emergence of technology, buying insurance has become very easy. A digitally signed policy is sent to the policyholder via email. This helps to save money, time and effort in buying Car Insurance in Kenya. When you visit our website, we ask you to provide relevant information about your vehicle. Based on your information, we provide you instant quotes. We give you an option to buy insurance and within seconds of purchase, you will get the policy in your inbox.

Fast Claim

Though we can't compensate the life, we aim to process faster claims for our customers. When you file any claim, our investigators actively start examining the incidents, facts and figures and entire incident to get a better understanding of the situation. Once the claim is approved by the examiner, we quickly perform all the formalities and process the compensation amount in the bank account of the victim.

Quick Buying Process

No more long proposal forms. Get instant quotes for your car. Select the policy of your choice and make the payment. You will receive an e-policy within seconds and your Car Insurance sticker within 24 hours (work days).

Great Customer Support

We understand that Insurance is a Service-based business and we strive to provide you with the best possible customer support. We have well-trained agents to answer all your questions about Car Insurance. Our great customer support service will make sure you get the best of insurance.

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