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Car Insurance Offer Kenya - Win a Smart phone

NEXT INSURANCE – Your go to company for comprehensive car cover.


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Car insurance is a legal obligation that covers you as much as third parties in the event of an accident or damage. However, faced with different types of auto insurance, different driver profiles, different needs and a wide variety of insurers and prices, it is sometimes difficult to make the best decision. Find out in this article everything you need to know about car insurance Kenya and our special limited time offer.

What information must I send to the insurer before taking out car insurance?

In order for the insurer to offer you a contract that meets your needs, you must provide detailed and accurate information.

If you were already insured, you will need to send a statement of information that was given to you by your previous insurer at the time of termination of the previous contract.

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  • The regulations require your insurer to issue you a statement of information upon termination of your contract and, in case of an express request, within 15 days of it.
  • In all cases, you must specify the type of guarantee you want (third-party guarantee or any other guarantees that you wish to add to the contract).
  • You should also report out an element that may impact on insurance cover, deductibles and rates. For example: do you use your vehicle to go to work, or only on weekends and during holidays? Do other people use your vehicle? Have you ever had accidents or penalties (withdrawal or suspension of license)?

What information must the insurer give you before taking out the car insurance policy?

The insurer has the obligation to give you a proposal for insurance including:

  • an information sheet on prices and guarantees,
  • a copy of the draft contract and its annexes or a detailed information notice.

These documents must be clear and understandable. If you are not sure you understand a clause, ask for explanations. For more information visit Next Insurance’ team of expert to guide you through and pay for your comprehensive cover 50% of premium (for renewal cases lapsing out of March) upfront and be eligible to win a Smartphone.

Comprehensive Car insurance

Comprehensive coverage is extensive and includes car damage, vehicle theft, third party liability and personal accident coverage. The coverage of the policy can be further extended by opting for add-ons such as an accessories cover, engine protection, non-depreciated coverage, medical expenses, etc. This type of coverage is the most popular because it provides end-to-end coverage and therefore less stress for the policyholder.

Now at Next Insurance, you can pay for the comprehensive cover in full to enter into a draw to win a Smartphone, so why wait just visit us an get a chance to win.

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What criteria for choosing your car insurance?

Two main criteria come into play when it comes to determining what type of auto insurance is best suited to your needs, your vehicle and your use of it.

Please note that under certain conditions, you can change your insurance policy at any time. This is particularly the case when circumstances change such as retirement, moving, changing profession or civil status. You cannot cancel the cover if the full premium is not paid (Part of T&Cs, Next Insurance).

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The coverage rate

All insurances do not offer the same level of coverage, so be sure to go to Next Insurance and make the best decision. Do not forget that covers lapsing in March 100% premium is payable.

Some insurances are based on the new value of your vehicle to compensate you while others apply a discount from the first year of the contract, a difference in calculation that can be significant.

On the other hand, be aware that most insurance cover you internationally for a limited time. This limit is likely to vary depending on the insurer. If you drive abroad regularly, finding out about this is important because it will save you the cost of buying additional insurance.

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How to make an auto insurance quote?

You are not sure whether your insurance is suitable for your needs or you want to inquire about the amount of contributions made by the competition? The quote is your most convenient option. To do so, contact your insurance, or simply request a quote online.

You will then need to enter a certain amount of information to establish your risk profile and the amount of your contribution. Ensure that you benefit from a contract and protection adapted to your needs, be careful to be as precise as possible in the information you provide.

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What information do I need?

Get basic information about your driver profile, including how long you have been in possession of your license and your history of accidents or disasters.

Some additional information on the use of your vehicle and your habits. Do you drive in town or in some other cities in Kenya? Do you use your vehicle professionally or personally? Do you have a garage or do you park in the street? How many kilometers do you travel each year?

All this information will be used in determining your risk profile and calculating the amount of your contributions.

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Get The Best Price

Once you have determined the particularities or the similarities between different car insurance, you are now able to pay the amount of the contributions and choose the insurance that corresponds to your needs at the best price from Next Insurance and get the chance to win a brand new Smartphone.

Want to know more about your car insurance and follow all the news in the field of car insurance? Visit the Next Insurance website.

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