Why Should You Opt for Comprehensive Car Insurance in 2019?

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Why Should You Opt for Comprehensive Car Insurance in 2019

The comprehensive motor insurance policy is the most expensive motor insurance vehicle policy you can buy. This policy offers a cover from most of the risks you may face while driving on the road.

However, the cost of a comprehensive motor insurance policy sometimes puts off vehicle owners who want more affordable motor insurance policy.

Are there good reasons for opting for a comprehensive insurance policy? Yes, below you can find various reasons for why you should go for comprehensive car insurance kenya in 2019, before its loo late.

In a comprehensive car insurance from Next Insurance you will:

– Get covered for total loss

 – Get basic protection

– Get car repair

– Get compensation for partial loss

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Let’s talk in detail,

You are covered from total loss of your car

The most attractive reason we can think of for getting a comprehensive motor insurance policy is that you will be covered from the total loss of your car. You can lose your car totally from two situations.

In the first case, you can lose your car after an accident. If the car is damaged beyond repair, the insurance company may choose to write-off the car from their books. In this case, you will be compensated for the loss of the car to enable you to get another car.

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You can also lose your car to theft. If the car is not recovered, you will be eligible for compensation. If you have a third party cover, these losses are yours to bear.

You have all the basic protections of the cheaper covers

A comprehensive car insurance policy will give you the basic protections of the other two cheaper types of car insurance policies. This includes the third party only cover which only compensates third parties when an accident occurs.

It also includes the third party fire and theft insurance cover, which in addition to third parties, also protects you from liabilities associated with fire in the car, and the theft of the car.

The comprehensive cover includes all these protections and then for good measure, adds a long list of benefits for you to enjoy.

Your car will be repaired by your insurer in case of an accident

It is only a comprehensive cover that affords you the opportunity to get your car repaired by your insurer if your car is damaged in an accident. Minor accidents are very common on our roads, especially for those who drive in urban areas.

Some of the minor accidents can end up with huge repair bills depending on the type of collision. From end collisions in particular can be expensive to repair is your radiator, headlights or bonnet is damaged.

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If you have a comprehensive insurance policy, these losses will be taken care of by your insurer. You can only enjoy this benefit if you have a comprehensive policy.

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You will get compensation for partial losses related to car components

Another benefit you will enjoy only if you have a comprehensive policy is if you suffer partial loss of car components.

This includes loss of side mirrors, car entertainment system, or critical car parts such as headlamps or windscreens.

In these cases, among others, you can make a successful claim for compensation by your insurer.

This benefit is only available if you have a comprehensive insurance policy.


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