Why You Should Buy Car Insurance Online in Kenya?

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why buy car insurance online in kenya

In recent years, the insurance market and consumer behavior have changed, and as a result, new players are emerging. This is the case of online car insurance Kenya, which offer competitive rates. Who are these famous online insurance providers in kenya, what are their specificities and advantages?

Next Insurance goes around the question to give you a clear picture as to why you must get car insurance online in kenya in 2019

Important points to remember about online car insurance in Kenya

  • The attractive rates possible through reduced fixed costs.
  • Some traditional insurances also offer internet offers, with prices lower than their other contracts.
  • Some formulas are dedicated to risk profiles: young drivers for reasonable rates.

What is online car insurance?

Definition and specificity:

An insurance on the internet is, as the name suggests, completely dematerialized. Without a physical agency or commercial to train, these insurers have very few fixed costs. This reduction in charges has repercussions on the proposed rates. From the quote to the subscription, everything is feasible from home, from your computer over internet, you simply need to search for “car insurance kenya” in google and you will get top results right in your web browser. In case of need of advice, customer service by email or telephone is provided almost 24 hours a day.

Important points to remember about online car insurance in Kenya

There are also traditional insurers on the web

Some traditional players have seized the opportunity of digital with offers only available on the internet for cheap auto insurance while keeping their physical agencies.

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They reach a broader target while ensuring optimal customer service and advisors at your disposal. Moreover, the steps are simplified and you no longer need to move to an agency. Rates are often more attractive than the so-called “classic” insurers, but remain more expensive than those of digital insurance.

Focus on specialized insurers on this type of insurance and their specifics

Today, online insurance is available without any intermediary: neither advisors nor brokers. The subscription is done by internet or telephone and the documents to subscribe car insurance are transmitted by email. There are also no physical agencies or the opportunity to meet a contact, it is simply by phone or email.

These insurers offer only dematerialized services and are generally specialized in a particular type of profile. Thus, we find this type of car insurance for young drivers at an unbeatable value for money.

A good way for these drivers, considered “at risk” by conventional insurers, to reduce the amount of their premium while being well protected.

Risk profiles are not only concerned because this type of insurance allow to make great savings. This is the case for those that allow to ensure immediately a vehicle for a very short time.

benefits of online car insurance

What are the benefits of online car insurance?

Because they offer fully dematerialized services, online car insurance has benefits that are generally more flexible than traditional insurers, including:

  • Subscription directly online or by phone. It is also possible to send the required documents directly by email, thus speeding up the subscription process.
  • An immediate subscription in case of purchase of a new vehicle. The insured only has to call the insurer online before driving and enjoys coverage from the first minute.
  • With equivalent guarantees, online car insurance generally offers cheaper rates than traditional insurers for certain specific profiles.
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Specialized online insurers

By offering only de materialized services, some online auto insurances are able to specialize in certain types of contracts, profiles or offers.

Drivers with a high penalty or whose contract has been terminated (excessive loss, non-payment etc) can turn to these insurers to benefit from offers tailored to their profile, considered “at risk” by traditional insurers. In the same vein, drivers can take advantage of offers that are specific to them to lighten the bill in the first years of driving.

Online insurers offer specific offers for certain types of drivers. This is, for example, the case of the temporary car insurance, to cover a car for a short time, or the type of offer “pay how you drive”, which offers a rate modulated according to the driving quality of the car insured.

How to get car insurance online in Kenya?

After comparing the different offers of the insurers, choose the best suited to your needs, the future insured can very easily subscribe to his contract online. You may choose to be called back by the desired insurance company for more information or to finalize the subscription directly on the insurer’s website.

All of the information entered in the comparison form is then sent to the insurer so that the insured can quickly benefit from the coverage of his choice, without any surprise in terms of price (in the event of an error in the form, the price may, however, vary during the subscription).

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In short , motorists looking for tailor-made insurance and offering de-materialized services have every interest in turning to online car insurance. Comparing these insurance offers online makes it easy to make informed choices and quickly protect your vehicle. Next Insurance is one of the best auto insurance companies in Kenya, just fill our contact form and receive a call back from our expert.

Car Insurance Online in Kenya

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