Top 10 Car Insurance Rantings That Went Viral On Social Media

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A car insurance has always remained a hot topic among youth and when it comes to getting a discount on your marital status or age factor can help you make huge savings this new year. Car Insurance is always highlighted on Twitter, the biggest social platform going viral.

I have collected the best tweets on car insurance that have gone viral on the internet in 2016-17.

oh yeah thats funny

Funny" Car Insurance1. Woman “Funny” Car Insurance Photo Went Viral Globally

A woman has gone viral after mistakenly sending pictures of herself to her insurance company rather than photos of her car.

Alyssa Stringfellow was asked to take front and side profile photos before her car insurance could be completed – and she did just that. Well, sort of. Alyssa was left pretty embarrassed after realizing her mistake last week, and quickly sent across the correct images of the car over.

She has since shared her post giving everyone else a good laugh.Her post has been liked and shared my more than 50,000 Facebook users. The 25-year-old misunderstood and instead posed for a sequence of images and sent them to her insurer.

woah thats good one

Car insurance fail2. Car insurance fraud attempts but fail.

This tweet is by one of the popular Universal Group Ltd. How people try to create fraud attempts for claiming their car insurance cover and fail.

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#Car insurance3 @Hastingsdirect #Car insurance

The most common problem faced by every insurance customer ..yeah that’s correct – the policy renewal time. You can’t predict whether it is going to get lower or a bit higher. A higher car insurance renewal cost can drive you much crazy ..

4. Oh my goodness Statefarm!!

Many times companies ask for quotes online and you can easily check for the quotes. This tweet is the most common problem when a user is not able to check for the car insurance quotes. Hidden or directing to the number of links may frustrate your customers and lead to such tweets. Make sure that your car insurance quotes are easy to find for every customer that is connected via online channels either a website or a social channel.

#Car insurance tweets 5. We feel your pain

We feel your pain

We see this kind of complaints from our insurance customers a lot a lot, We feel your pain, and that’s why we launched NEXT.  :). A tailor-made car insurance kenya product by InsureAfrika that will suit your needs.

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#Car insurance humor6. Man Humor:


Sorry, but I don’t find this tweet funny at all. I really don’t know why this tweet is retweeted by a huge number of people.  Such a tweet should not deserve such an attention but I think people like such kind of jokes.

7. Chad Ochocinco just got it right

Chad Ochocinco tweet

just got it right

This Chad Ochocinco tweet was the first time I heard of this koan. I giggled when I saw the retweets count. But since then I’ve seen this one hundred of times; not sure if Ochocinco started the wave or merely crested it. Regardless, the answer would be both because what happens if the poor Transformer just gets a little hurt?

8. TED: Tweeted dozens of times daily

This one is the most popular tweet and still is tweeted dozens of times daily by people who must somehow think it’s brand new. yeah.. it’s funny — especially if you’re the one who is at fault. I, personally, believe that fleeing the scene of an accident is a serious crime and one should never forget the morals of humanity.

9.  Jamil from Vallejo – Geeko is here

A pretty good tweet by Jamie that will wake your interest up in car insurance (company talked about being Geeko)?  A car insurance comes up with different types and different benefits. You may get benefits based on a number of factors.  This is really interesting to see how people have reacted to this tweet.

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10 Jack Currie – If animals talked

Pretty glad most animals can’t talk since it seems like the ones that can won’t shut the fuck up about car insurance.

This tweet has got more than 1k retweets and more than 2K likes. It seems like most of the twitter users who are concerned with car insurance or related gossips has shown the feeling through it.

thats nice

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