Tips To Lower Your Car Insurance Premium Cost In 2019

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Lower Car Insurance Cost kenya

Car insurance premiums tend to be painful costs for most people. Most of the people who buy car insurance will not make a claim against their policy. In fact, this is exactly how insurance works.

An underwriter facilitates people to pool their risks by paying premiums to a common fund, which is then used to compensate those who incur losses as a result of accidents and theft.

Therefore it is prudent to check whether your policy is financially efficient. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your insurance costs low in 2019.

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Tip 1: Buy Car Insurance Cover that fits your needs

Cover that fits your needs

When buying car insurance, consider your needs carefully so as to avoid buying frivolous enhancements. First, you have the option of buying a comprehensive car insurance policy, a third party fire and theft cover, or a third party car insurance cover.

Each of these policies is ideal in certain circumstances, and as such, you may be able to save on non-critical components of your car insurance.

If you choose to buy a comprehensive car cover, then you need to check car insurance add ons whether you need all the enhancements offered.

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If your car entertainment system cannot be physically removed from your car, why spend on car stereo policy?

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Tip 2: Compare Car Insurance Quotes

Compare Car Insurance

The second tip for keeping our car insurance cost is to compare quotes. Comparing quotes is a great way of finding out what else is on offer in the market, especially if you have been insured by the same person for many years.

In this case, you can use services such as which allows you to compare quotes from several car insurance companies in Kenya.

You can then go with the company that gives you the best deals. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the cover limits, since lower premiums can mean that they have lower cover limits for various risks.

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Tip 3: Ask for Car Insurance Discounts

Car Insurance Discounts

The third tip that every experienced shopper knows is that you can get discounts or additional benefits at low cost. For instance, a company may bundle their personal accident policy together with their car insurance policy, and buying them together may yield for you a saving.

This model works well also if you want to include AA or Infama membership for road rescue. Your total cost will be lower than if you buy the two products separately. To see how this works, please visit next insurance and see how providing additional details can generate savings for you.

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Next Car Insurance Kenya personalizes your quote based on your risk profile earning you policy discounts in the process.

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Tip 4: Look for Bundled Car Insurance offers

 Bundled Car Insurance offers

You can also keep your car insurance policy low by buying insurance from companies that have bundled offers.

Some companies run promotions which allow you to access additional products such as car tires, car spares, or accessories at a reduced price if you purchase insurance.

If you need any of the products on offer, you will save some money by buying them while bundled with your insurance.


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