Third Party Car Insurance Kenya – Cover, Cost & Claim

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Third Party Car Insurance Kenya – Cover, Cost & Claim

Third Party Car Insurance Cover Kenya – A Detailed Guide



Accidents do happen.  Do you have a contingency plan when your car is involved in a road accident- causing damages to the third party?

Do you know how to go about it? Worry not! We’ve got you covered. As you know, safety is not a result of luck, it comes from preparation.

According to a survey by WHO, between 3000 and 13000 Kenyans lose their lives in road accidents, which are due to reckless driving.

Getting your car insured with third party Motor Vehicle Insurance is prerequisite for driving on Kenyan roads according to the Insurance (Motor Vehicles Third Party Risks) Act, Chapter 405.

Before we get into details, you need to understand Third Party Car Insurance Kenya policy.

Motor Vehicles Third Party Risks Act Kenya

What Is Third Party Car Insurance Kenya?

Third Party Motor Insurance is also referred to as ‘act only’ is the least legal level of cover mandatory to drive a car on Kenyan roads.

It protects you financially, when you damage someone else’s property or end up causing injuries to them while driving.

The third party insurance differs from the other types of car insurance, which protects your car when involved in a road accident.

One of them being comprehensive car insurance and the other, third-party fire and theft insurance cover. Before you invest in third party car insurance, you need to know what is covered and not covered.

Need To KnowHow Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Kenya?

What Is Third Party Car Insurance Kenya?

What Is Covered Under Third Party Car Insurance?

  • Death/injury liability coverage. Your insurer pays the cost of damages that you may have caused to the third party in terms of body injuries or death.

This includes; seeking medical attention and funeral expenses.

  • Property damage liability coverage. Your insurer pays the cost of damages that you may have caused while driving.  This includes; car repairs, buildings or houses, fences repairs.

Third Party Car Insurance Kenya doesn’t cover the cost of damages to your car. It also doesn’t cover you financially, when your car is stolen, vandalized or damaged by natural disasters.

It also doesn’t cover damages caused by you under the influence of drugs and alcohol abuse. When you stage an accident, the insurer won’t cover you.

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Why Do You Need Third Party Motor Insurance?

Before you hit the road, as stated by Kenya traffic laws, it is compulsory to have a third party car insurance in Kenya.

If you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the law, you must comply with the Kenya traffic laws.

Apart from it being a legal requirement. Third party car insurance protects you from expensive cost that you may have caused in a road accident.

In some cases, where your car is driven without your knowledge. Third party protects you financially, when your car has been involved in a road accident causing damage to the third party.

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third party car insurance quotes kenya

Difference b/w Third Party & Comprehensive insurance

Before you get to know the difference between third party and comprehensive insurance, you need to understand comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive insurance also referred as fully comp cover. It covers you financially when your car is stolen, vandalized, catches fire or damaged in a road accident and must be repaired.

There are three main differences between third party vehicle insurance and comprehensive insurance.

First, how you value your car. Is the value of your car low? If yes, then you need to consider third party car insurance.

As repairs and damages can be easily managed. If the value of your car is expensive and new, it is advisable to get a comprehensive insurance.

Second, the expectations you are looking for in a car insurance. Do you want to have a full package car insurance? Or, you are looking for a car insurance that will only protect your financially, when you damage someone else’s property.

Third party car insurance Kenya protects you financially, when you have caused damages to the third party. Comprehensive insurance has a full package for you when involved in a road accident.

Third, your budget determines the type of car insurance you want. Third party car insurance is cheaper compared to comprehensive insurance as it comes with low premiums.

For a comprehensive insurance, you need to invest more. It comes with high premiums and full package to meet your car insurance needs.

Advantages Of Third Party Car Insurance Cover Kenya

Third party car insurance has the following advantages;

  • One of its main advantages is the low costs. It has a cost effective insurance plan compared to comprehensive insurance, where premiums are high.
  • It has no complications in purchasing and renewing the insurance. It will provide a quick and easy option for you to purchase.
  • It will offer you a legal cover and protects you financially when you cause damages to the third party.

What Is Third Party, Fire And Theft?

What Is Third Party, Fire And Theft?

Third party, fire and theft insurance, it covers you financially, when you cause damages to the third party. It also provides coverage where passengers get injured.

Third party, fire and theft insurance is efficient because is cost effective compared to comprehensive insurance. It provides you with coverage for specific risks.

In addition, it has clarity and you can easily comprehend. Apart from its cost effective plan, it offers you coverage from the most common risks that is, fire and theft.

Is It Risky To Buy Third Party Insurance?

Since third party vehicle insurance in Kenya is a legal requirement for you to drive your car on roads. All car insurance companies have an obligation to provide this cover for you.

Before you invest in third party motor insurance, you need to know how the insurance policy works. Here are few factors for you to consider when buying one;

  • Compare the period and terms of conditions of the car insurance companies. Then choose the best car insurance company in Kenya that has the best settlement practices.
  • Excellent customer service. As they say customer is King. You need a car insurance company that serves you well in a professional manner.
  • Look at the company growth, as growth is essential to any business.
  • Is the car insurance company meeting your needs at the right price? You don’t need to invest in third party car insurance with high premiums and low customer satisfaction.
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It won’t be risky for you to invest in third party car insurance, when you exercise patience in checking the details of car insurance companies, to get the best deal.

How To Buy A Third Party Insurance Cover In Kenya?

Following documents are required;

  • Your National ID, for the purpose of identification.
  • Your log book, to show you are the rightful owner of the car.
  • Your car valuation report, which shows the value of your car.

When getting affordable car insurance, first, it is important to get it early. The earlier the better for you, thus avoiding last minute rush which result to getting the worst deal.

Second, you need to have the basic knowledge of car insurance. As stated before, do a background check on the car insurance companies.

Third, list your needs or expectations that the car insurance company has to meet them. Listing your needs gives you clarity of the type of coverage you are looking for.

Fourth, after doing step three, you can get a list of top car insurance companies in Kenya that you are interested in and finally, request for quotes and compare with different insurance providers.

Third Party Car Insurance Cost in Kenya

What Is The Cost Of Third Party Insurance In Kenya?

Third party motor insurance does not cover the costs of repairs or treatment for your own damages, the insurance only covers the cost involved in compensating the victim. The cost of third party car insurance in Kenya varies for different car insurance companies. Although, the cost will depend on the coverage plan you are going for.

It can be high or low, it all depends on the choice of the coverage plan that suits your car.

For accuracy and efficiency, you can use Car Insurance Calculator Kenya. This online tool will assist you to find and compare the best insurance quotes from different insurance providers.

How To File A Third Party Insurance Claim In Kenya?

When you are involved in a road accident, the insurance provider should intervene and cover the costs of damages for you.

When you contact the insurance provider, you have to provide the following details;

  • Your full name as indicated on your National ID and policy no.
  • The start and end date of your policy.
  • The date and time of the accident.
  • Names and phone numbers of all drivers, passengers and witnesses.
  • The driver’s license and license plate number of all the drivers.

In order to claim from the responsible party:

  • You, as the claimant, must first prove that the damages suffered by you and your property is a direct result of the incident.
  • You must prove negligence or recklessness on the part of the insured party, such as driving while on the phone or at unlawful speeds
  • You must prove that the repairs and compensation will return the vehicle to the state it would have been in, if the accident had not occurred.
  • You may need to repair your wall due to a drunk driver swerving into it. You can claim back from the insured after conducting the repairs.

So, here are the steps for you to follow when filling a third party car insurance claim in Kenya;

  1. File a police complaint and report to your insurance provider.   It is advisable to report the accident to the nearest police station and to your insurance company.
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From the police report, it will form the basis of the insurance claim.

Don’t negotiate the payment of damages with the third party.

  1. Fill the insurance claim form. You are required to provide the details of the accident, names and phone numbers of the

beneficiaries of the claim. Your insurer will carry out an investigation to assess the accident, to find out if the claim report is accurate or not. If there are doubts on the claim report, the insurer will carry further investigation. If not, the insurer will pay out the compensation.

  1. Wait for further investigation. Where the insurance company doubts the claim report or finds faults on the claim documents, you will have to wait for further investigation. The insurance company will send a valuer who will examine all facts and then gives the insurance company a recommendation report. The recommendation given to the insurer, will provide  on whether to pay or not to pay for damages. Is it worth it?
  1. Closing the case and paying for damages caused by you.This is the final step which your insurance company pays for compensation to those involved in a road accident caused by your car. The insurance company notifies the beneficiaries of the payment details. If the third party agrees on the payment, the insurer pays through their bank accounts. Then, case is closed. If the third party doesn’t agree on the offer, legal process commences.

Are you a first time car insurance buyer?

Here are few tips for you to consider when investing in car insurance in Kenya;

  • Do a background check. It is important to have all the available details of the car insurance policies in the market.
  • Have the basic knowledge of third party car insurance policy. What items are covered and the items not included in the coverage plan.
  • Choose an insurance provider that has excellent customer service that meets your needs.
  • For cost effective and a quick way to get a car insurance, you have to consider buying an insurance policy online.
  • When your needs are not satisfied by third party insurance, choose comprehensive insurance for better insurance coverage.
  • Choose an insurance provider that provides a cashless option. It helps in emergencies cases and saves you time.
  • It is important to evaluate your needs annually. For you to either reduce on the car insurance premiums or upgrade to higher premiums.
  • Keep a good credit score and avoid reckless driving. This will give you higher chances of getting better car insurance policies in the market.

In conclusion, for you to have the peace of mind in investing in a third party car insurance in Kenya. You need to have the basic knowledge of car insurance and how it works.

Listing your needs, will help you to find the right type of coverage you are looking for. Compare the insurance quotes and get the best car insurance deals in town.

Avoid ignorance, it will lead you to destruction thus losing your investment. Are you having trouble in getting the best deals on car insurance policies? Do you need more information on car insurance Kenya?

Get more information.

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