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Did you hear about Taxify?  For those who are completely unaware of it, here is an overview:

Taxify Kenya is a cab-hailing service that helps you to ask for a taxi or personal driver to move from one destination to another using the Taxify mobile application.

It is similar to  Uber and is currently running in more than 20 nations. Popular cities of Kenya like Nairobi and Mombasa have revealed its administrations. It launched in Kenya in the mid of the last year but still it is new to the country.

It is a wonderful opportunity for the people to earn money from their vehicle and good driving skills. If you are also interested in joining Taxify as a driver, read our article and follow the entire procedure to effectively turn into a Taxify Kenya Driver.

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Taxify Kenya Requirements for Drivers

To become a Taxify driver, one needs to meet the fundamental Taxify Kenya Requirements which are:

A legitimate National ID or Passport.

An Android or iPhone Smartphone with GPS.

 A criminal individual verification that will be performed by Taxify.

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A Valid Driving License.

Attend driver training for service quality.

The certificate of registration.

Learn the use of the Taxify application.

The City council business permit

Taxify Kenya Requirements

Taxify Kenya Car Requirements

The second step towards becoming a Taxify Kenya Driver is fulfilling Taxify Kenya Car Requirements. There are certain requirements which the vehicle must meet in order to join Taxify for using the vehicle as a cab:

  • Vehicle Inspection Report (examination benefit accessible at our office. The report must be less than 3 months old) – No requirement for this if the car has just been purchased.
  • Vehicle insurance certificate i.e. Taxify Cover.

Taxify Kenya Vehicle Requirements

  1. Vehicles no older than 10 years from the year of manufacture date.
  2.  4 door Sedans & SUVs are only acceptable cars.
  3. Vehicle must accommodate 4 or more passengers.
  4. Vehicle must be in excellent condition.

taxify vehicle requirements kenya

Adding Vehicle on Your Taxify Profile:

A taxify driver can add more vehicles or change a vehicle on his profile. Here is how to add a vehicle:

A taxify driver can add more vehicles or change a vehicle on his profile.

Here is how to add a vehicle:

  • Login to your Taxify profile.
  • Go to the ‘Menu’ option on the top right corner.
  • You will be provided with three options:
    1.   My Documents
    2.   My Rides
    3.  Vehicles
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Tap the Vehicles option.

  1. Select ‘Add New Vehicle’ Option.
  2. Fill in all the mandatory sections before submission.
  3. Once your vehicle is accepted, you will be able to see it on your profile.
  4. The same procedure will be followed for changing the vehicle on your profile provided a driver will only be allowed to change his car once in a 30 day period.

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How to start with Taxify?

You will need a valid email id and working phone number.

  • Next step is to upload all your personal documents required to apply for a taxify driver.

The documents are:

  1. Vehicle Owner’s Identity
  2. Your driver’s permit. (PSV).
  3. Regular driving License.
  4. PSV Motor Insurance Document.
  5. Upload one of the clear pictures of your car and respectively enter the details.
  •  Attend the Taxify Driver Training session Generally, these sessions are held every weekday.

All those required documents are supposed to be mailed to You can also upload documents while registering on the app. The training session provided by Taxify is of 30 minutes. They will remotely supervise you. Upon successful verification as a Taxify driver, you can freely drive your business along with Taxify.

Need PSV Motor Insurance?


How To Contact Taxify Kenya?

Find Taxify Kenya contacts listed below.

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taxify kenya contacts

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