List Of Top 7 Taxi Companies & Taxi Apps In Kenya

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taxi apps in kenya

Taxis…Taxis and so many taxis! The roads in cities like Mombasa, Nairobi etc are seen occupied by huge number of cabs. Taxi business in kenya is on an all time high. The fascinating thing is that hiring a taxi is just a call away. Whether it’s midnight 12 or early 6, one doesn’t need to wait for matutas to get started. Pick up your phone and book the cab through the application.

This advancement in technology has modified the taxi services in Kenya by offering a reliable, instant and truly fast service simply by being available online. Each and every cab service ensures they have adequate number of vehicles to provide convenient and quick services to their customers.

Moreover, one can easily explore a number of Taxi Companies in Kenya nowadays. And, the best part is a cost effective ride with a top notch comfort and quick service. One will not be able to enjoy such exemplary benefits while using matatus or travelling via own car.


Top 7 Taxi Companies in Kenya

Through this article, we have tried to spotlight on the best Taxi services available in Kenya. Below is the list of top Taxi companies in Kenya:

  1. Uber
  2. Taxify
  3. Little Cab
  4. Delight Cabs
  5. Jatco travels
  6. Jim Cabs
  7. Pewin Cabs


Uber is the first taxi-hailing app service that was introduced in Kenya in 2015. This is an american based taxi-hailing app which became popular in such a less time. Presently, the Uber is offering its services in Nairobi, Mombasa and Thika. In order to use this application, you need to download it first from Google Play or App Store. Sign up and create your account. It allows you to automatically pick your current location using GPS.

The best thing is that it will connect you to the nearest driver so that you can avail fast service. The uber drivers are selected based on a specific criteria and are expert in driving, professional as well as good character. Besides, they pick up requests and response as immediate as possible.

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With Uber, you can given three options to choose :

  1. Uber X
  2. Uber Select
  3. Uber Chap Chap

Where Uber Select is the most expensive car with a luxury comfort and Uber Chap Chap being the affordable one for daily commute

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The second most-popular taxi-hailing service in Kenya is Taxify. It was introduced in the country in 2016 and brought a revolution to the taxi industry by offering extremely lower prices owing to the fierce competition to the rival firm. After South Africa, Kenya became the second African country to launch Taxify. Likewise Uber, Taxify is also available on App Store and Google Play Store for download. Taxify payments can be easily made via Mpesa, credit cards and cash.

Taxi has been proven to be the cheapest taxi service in Kenya.and taking over the market leader, Uber. This is the only taxi service that allows payment through Mpesa for its Apple users.

Recently, Taxify launched a new option “Bodaboda” Little Cabs that went live on March 15,2018. Bodaboda is an affordable and efficient way of getting around Nairobi especially when in a hurry. The minimum fare for the bodaboda option is KSh 50 while more extended travellers will pay KSh 30 base fare, sh 15 per km and sh 3 per minute.

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Little Cabs

The Little Cabs in Kenya is the third most popular cab-hailing service in Nairobi launched in 2016 in a partnership between Safaricom and Craft Silicon. Right now, the Little Cabs is available within Nairobi only. The app is now available and accessible on Google Play. Little Trips are payable in cash, debit card, credit cards.

With Little, you can find three options:

  1. Basic
  2. Comfort
  3. Ladybug

Ladybug is the most favorable choice for women while traveling at night. The ladybug is driven by female driver and is the most secure option for women in Nairobi who work late nights. Additionally, it also provides a similar option to Taxify in which one can hire motorbikes for commutation. While travelling in Little, the customers can enjoy wifi connection if stuck in Nairobi’s traffic.

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Delight Cabs

A corporate and professional solution to travel that offers an affordable and delightful travel experience. Delight Cabs is one of the best Taxi Services in Kenya introduced in 2009 with the aim to provide 24-Hour taxi service for both individual as well as business or corporate clients.  One can book a delight cab online by visiting their website or through email or by calling  at +254 20 2305697.

The advantage of traveling with Delight Cabs is that there are no penalties or extra deductions if there is any change of plan. One can ask for early pick up or they can wait if needed later.From pick and drop trips, staff transport and group transfers to chauffeur-drive and self-drive car hire and leasing services, once can avail any service at an affordable range.

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Jatco Cabs:

Jatco is another popular transport provider in Kenya. Jatco taxis services include personalized travel, corporate trips, airport drop and pick up services as well as guided tours. You can book a cab with Jatco by calling landline number +254 24446096/4448162/4446096, or mobile number+254 722648383/733 701494 or by Fax at +254 2 4446096 and email,

Jim Cabs Kenya

Jim Cabs in Kenya is a regular cab service established in Nairobi in 2000. Jim is a reliable taxi service that offers individual as well as corporate trips. With Jim, one can hire quality vehicle that suits one’s needs. As a Jim customer, one enjoys quality travel in an affordable price. Having a partnership with Toyota, this service ensures that Jim cab vehicles are high quality and modern cars. To book a Jim Cab taxi, one can contact through the website   or call on telephone numbers:

  • +254 20 714246/7122565/7120344
  • Mobile; +254722711001/722714246/733735499
  • Fax; +254 20 7122565
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Taxi Hailing apps Kenya

List of Taxi Apps In Kenya

These taxi apps in kenya are mainly available on Android since Android is the dominant mobile operating system in Kenya with over 90% of smartphones in Kenya running on Android.

✅Uber Taxi – operated by Uber, the global pioneer in this industry. They also offer the first ride free.

✅Easy Taxi – Another leading taxi solution found in over 420 cities worldwide. However, they exited the Kenyan market in May 2016.

✅Taxify App – an Estonian initiative that partnered with the Kenya Taxi Cab Association in response to Uber entering the market.

✅Little Cab App – owned by Kenya’s largest mobile phone operator, Safaricom and developed by Craft Silicon, a successful Kenyan tech firm. They also offer the first ride free. Simply use the code L1616465 to sign up.

✅Mondo Ride App – a Dubai-based firm that is also offering motorcycle rides in Kenya

✅Pewin Cabs: Pewin is one of the finest transport provider service in Kenya. From airport transfer to booking a bus or van for staff members or family members, individual trips, executive traveling, Pewin is here for you. Like Uber and Taxify, one can download it from Google Play Store or App Store.

Additionally, one can book this ride by visiting the website or by phone +254 709 801 000. It uses the GPS system to automatically track your current location for pickup. It is really easy to manage trip and track the ride through the app

✅Maramoja – operated by Maramoja Transport Limited.

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