Want To Start Taxi Business In Kenya? ๐Ÿš– Know The Requirements

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how to start a taxi business in kenya - requirements

What do you need to start a taxi business?๐Ÿš–

Well, itโ€™s the most important concern before indulging into taxi business. Lets explain it through an example of โœ… Uber.

  • From a customerโ€™s perspective, Uber tends to charge much lower rates than a traditional taxi or other public transports.
  • It is easier to get an Uber taxi as compared to a normal taxi service anytime anywhere.
  • Uber connects with your driver. You just need to request pick up and the cab will arrive at your location in few minutes.
  • Being a loyal customer, you also get discount coupons on your next rides.

Due to all these benefits, โœ… Uber is famous all over the world where Kenya is no exception.

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How to Start Taxi Insurance in Kenya?

To begin with, a taxi business can be started with a few number of cars and drivers. As you begin to profit, the business can be expanded gradually. But before venturing into a taxi business, it is essential to know about this industry. You need to research about your competitors in the market, the area you will target in beginning and needs of people.

So, for those who are willing to set up this business, here is a complete โœ… How To guide that will help you start a taxi business in Kenya with Uber.

 uber taxi requirements

Investing in Taxi Business with Uber:

A taxi business is a potentially profitable investment where you can earn hundreds of shillings in a single night. You can decide whether to drive a cab and make some money or become manager and hire drivers to run cab for you. You can run a commercial taxi business to earn profit in a long run. But before you invest into Uber taxi business in Kenya, there are a couple of requirements which you need to fulfill.

  1. To qualify for Uber, you need to make sure that you have at least 4-door sedan or minivan with Model Year 2013 or newer in a very good condition.
  2. The cars should not have any commercial branding on them.
  3. The preferred color for Uber Taxis should be black, white and grey.
  4. The cars to be used as taxis should have well maintained interior and exterior.
  5. The models made before 2013 are inspected by Uber motor assessors for quality, driving condition as well as cleanliness. If approved, only then these models can be used for taxi service.
  6. Make sure that you will be hiring professional drivers with the necessary license to work and drive your taxi cabs.
  7. Also, you must provide your drivers with the necessary insurance.

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How Does Uber Operates?

Well, basically letโ€™s start with Uber. Uber is the fastest growing taxi service that brought a digital disruption to the traditional taxi services. Itโ€™s just like other online services that is building connection between taxi drivers and customers to move from one place to another. Getting a taxi anywhere anytime has gone convenient with this digital taxi-hailing service.

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People who need a taxi can simply book it on their devices by logging into their Uber account. Entering the pickup can help to bring the nearest available driver to assist you. Simply sending the request to book a ride. See, how the process has gone simpler and easier with an online service.

Partner With Uber:

Anyone can join with Uber to make some money. To partner with Uber, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the Uber Partner Application via Google Play Store.
  2. Install the application on your device and create a new profile on Uber Partners.
  3. Fill in the details and create your profile.
  4. Now add details about your company as well as the vehicle to be used as Uber Taxi.
  5. Now you would require to upload a few documents.
  6. Once you upload your PrDP documents, you will be investigated for criminal background checks. In other words, you will need a certification for good conduct. You can also apply for Police Certificate Of Good Conduct Online.
  7. After getting Good Conduct Certificate, you will receive an email invite to complete your driving test and screening session.
  8. Once you get your Uber Certification Session, you can start your Taxi Business with Uber.

Documents to Register Your Cars On the Uber System:

In order to maintain the safety of the customers and quality of taxi services provided by Uber, there are a few documents required to register your vehicle on the Uber Partner App described as below:

  • Operating Card
  • Vehicle certificate of registration
  • Vehicle inspection certificate
  • PSV Car Insurance certificate
  • Nationality Identification Card
  • PSV Driving License
  • Regular Driving License
  • PIN Certificate
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Making Money With Uber

As per recent revisions, the Uber pricing guidelines are as follows:

  1. Ksh. 100 base fare
  2. Ksh. 42 per Kilometre
  3. Ksh. 3 per minute
  4. Ksh 300 Minimum fare
  5. Ksh 200 Cancellation Fee

While partnering with Uber, it will take 25 percent you will make and rest of 75 percent is yours. Thus, the more trips you take, more money you make.

Now the next step after you have started a taxi business or you are already running a successful taxi business in Kenya is to make sure you have got Taxi Insurance or PSV car insurance in Kenya.

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