Resolution Partners With InsureAfrika To Launch Kenya’s First PSV Car Insurance App

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Tuesday 6th February 2018, at the PSV CHAUFFER DRIVEN LAUNCH PROGRAMME. held at the Stanley Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya the two firm signed the partnership towards the launch of a new web based platform – NEXT Taxi Insurance with the aim to ease the process of acquiring and renewing taxi insurance.

After the launch of NEXT, InsureAfrika in collaboration with Resolution Insurance has come up with another big innovation which is bringing a change not less than a revolution in Kenyan Insurance Industry. Yes, you heard it right! Insure Afrika has partnered with Resolution Insurance to launch a new product in Kenya, i.e.  Next Taxi Insurance.

As the name suggests, the product is for taxi operators and owners in Kenya. It is Kenya’s first online-only PSV insurance portal introduced to aid PSVs, taxi operators as well as taxi owners in purchasing and renewing motor insurance.

Like other sectors in the economy, the insurance sector has been revolutionized by digitally driven environment and this move has proven to be beneficial as it is expected to cut operational costs and ease business processes across all sectors.

The process of selling insurance using web-based solutions rather than door-to-door sale tended to reach more and more people, thus ultimately driven up insurance penetration currently at 2.7 percent.

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Taxi Insurance Kenya

Dubbed NEXT Taxi Insurance Kenya is an innovative product that motorists to purchase vehicle insurance faster, seamlessly and conveniently. This product will help taxi owners and operators in reducing the cost and time it takes to acquire and renew motor insurance. Insure Afrika has introduced the solution in collaboration with Resolution Insurance, one of the well-established insurance provider in Kenya.

With the launch of a digital platform, it became easier for Kenyans to access the vehicle insurance. The Next Taxi Insurance is a three-step dynamic and auto-populated web application that can be used by vehicle owners on their devices, either on phones, desktops or laptops in order to purchase insurance coverage with a wide range of riders.

Salient Features of NEXT PSV Car(Taxi) Insurance:

  1. The web-based platform called Next Taxi Insurance will help taxi-hailing service operators reduce the time it takes to acquire and renew their motor insurance.
  2. The cover will provide both comprehensive motor insurance and third party insurance.
  3. The comprehensive policy cover has four different categories for users to choose from namely: PSV Basic cover, PSV Classic cover, PSV supper cover and PSV super plus cover all with an array of different benefits that still ensure protection solutions against accidents, injury or death, riots and; civil commotions
  4. This revolutionary product will help us deepen our uptake of motor vehicle insurance offering and consequently shore up our margins as we minimize operating costs.
  5. The Next Taxi Insurance provides a simple, quick and convenient way of buying an insurance cover from mobile devices.
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InsureAfrika CEO, Gagan Hayer says,

“With this strategic partnership of InsureAfrika and Resolution Insurance, we aim to grow this product and ensuring PSV taxi owners have quick access to protective and easily accessible insurance solutions.”

Resolution Insurance Managing Director Ms. Alice Mwai (during the launch event held at the Stanley Hotel in Nairobi) said,

“Innovation is inevitable in our growing Insurance industry and we as Resolution Insurance are making strides in making it easier to have access to fast and reliable insurance solutions from the comfort of their desired location,” said Resolution Insurance Managing Director Ms. Alice Mwai during the launch event held at the Stanley Hotel in Nairobi.

Future Aspect:

Insure Afrika Founder and CEO, Gagan Hayer said,

“This product will change how insurance works by bringing in the aspect of digitized insurance solutions. It will help make purchase and renewal of insurance very simple for all taxi drivers and it is our hope that more and more taxi drivers can take it up and benefit from this simplified insurance product.”

About Resolution Insurance

Resolution Insurance was incorporated in 2002 making it the first company to be registered as a medical Insurance Provider. The corporation changed from Resolution Health to Resolution Insurance in 2013 as a result of regulatory changes made by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA).

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In the news:

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