NTSA Fines & Penalties For Traffic Offences in Kenya

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Kenya traffic act violations and penalties guidelines are recommended for all road users in Kenya. Drivers, passengers, police officers and pedestrians are exclusively responsible for familiarizing themselves with traffic regulations. Our Kenya traffic offences and penalties guide refers to a comprehensive manual covering all NTSA traffic violations and penalties in Kenya.

The guide is willing to eliminate the reckless behavior on our roads in Kenya that results in unavoidable accidents and loss of life. In addition, the manual also helps motorists to know what is expected of them with regard to the commission of a traffic offense, so as to avoid possible exploitation perpetuated by the Kenyan traffic police, known for bribes.

What is even better is that one can find this guide online in the Google Play Store. Mobile application developers saw it wise to create an Android application to help motorists and pedestrians to be informed about traffic infractions, penalties, traffic signals, the general procedure if one commits a crime that includes bail, bail and statement of guilt, as well as accident manager. These include fines for driving without car insurance Kenya.

In addition, the accident manager helps motorists to present their claims to their vehicle insurer, which facilitates fast and trouble-free processing of such applications.

The Guide to traffic act – Kenya Law can be downloaded here. Are you planning to start a driving class soon or a newly graduated driver? Well, this article has it covered, since it will outline all the NTSA traffic rules, areas with speed cameras and the penalties for traffic offences in Kenya so that it stays on the safe side of the law and does not have problems with the men in blue.

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NTSA Traffic Fines & Penalties in Kenya

List Of Traffic Laws and penalties in Kenya

Several traffic rules in Kenya attract penalties if they are broken. We have reviewed the complete NTSA fines in PDF and presented the most common traffic violations, we have cited their respective sections and the fines that may arise if faults are detected.

Kenya traffic offences and penalties Penalties for the PSV driver in an undesignated vehicle

The Traffic Rule 130C (1) and (3) establishes that a person driving a PSV vehicle without being the designated driver of that vehicle will be fined with KSh 5,000 for transgression of traffic.

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Penalties for Learner without L sign

When you are a student at a driving school and did not use the ‘L’ sign on the front and rear, then you might face trouble if committed a traffic offense. In such case, you will attract a 1000 Ksh penalty. The signage is helpful and crucial according to Traffic Rule 12(1) (b).

Penalty of PSV speed controllers

The lack of installation of prescribed speed controllers on any PSV motor vehicle or commercial vehicle is a traffic violation with a fine of 10,000 Ksh according to Rule 41 A.

Penalty on PSV with tinted glass

Kenya Traffic rule 54A prohibits motorists from operating the PSV with tinted windows or windshields. If you are getting caught breaking this rule, you must pay a fine of Ks 2,000.

Driving Without Life extinguisher and extinguisher kit – NTSA Requirements for private vehicle

Kenya Traffic Rule 25 describes that all vehicles must carry reflective warning signs also known as lifeguard failures, which brings a traffic fine of Ksh 2,000. Another new traffic safety rule 56 (1) and (2) postulates that PSVs must have fire extinguishers installed and failures in fire kits attracts a 2,000 Ksh fine.

Penalty for the use of cell phone while driving

Kenya Traffic Rule 59A (1) prohibits drivers from using their cell phones while driving and such offence attracts a fine of Ksh 2,000.

NTSA Fines of Hanging on the Matatu door

NTSA Traffic Offences in Kenya stated 80 rules that aims to tame drivers who often hang out of the doors of PSV, and states that anyone traveling while part of their body is out is responsible for paying a Ksh 1,000 fine.

According to the Kenya traffic law, 103 (1) and (2) promotion/marketing is prohibited and attracts a fine of Ksh 3,000. Similarly, Rule 103A (1) and (2) prohibit PSV drivers and drivers from operating without using special uniforms and designated badges.

NTSA Traffic Tenet 103B (1) and (7) expects that both the motorcyclist and the passenger must wear protective equipment at all times, and each of them will be responsible for a Ksh 1,000 fine if gears are not well equipped.

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The seat belts were not fastened

The NTSA fines pdf committed to ending careless driving in Kenya has specific guidelines related to seat belts.

If you have a PSV car and do not have a seat belt installed, then, as the owner of the vehicle, you will have to pay 1,000 Ksh for each seat without a safety belt as stipulated by NTSA traffic rule 22A (1) and (2).

In the meantime, the driver of the PSV must maintain the sea tbelt at all times to ensure that he is in a portable condition, failing which he must pay a fine of Ksh 500 as described in Traffic Rule 22A (5) and ( 6).

Passengers must also wear a seat belt at all times while in transit, to which they must be fined with a penalty of KSh 500 as established in NTSA traffic rule 22A (3) and (4). 

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NTSA fine for driving without insurance in Kenya

A valid insurance certificate is most important for the Motorists in Kenya, since driving without it, is illegal. The fine for driving without car insurance in Kenya is fine of up to 100,000 ksh or years of jail if you get caught.


NTSA Penalty on Driving car without registration

Section 12 (1) and (14) of Traffic Law 7 postulates that driving without license plates or registering incorrectly is a punishable offense that results in a fine of 10,000 Ksh.

Meanwhile, Section 130C (1) and (3) does not allow PSV drivers to allow unauthorized persons to drive their vehicles; otherwise, they will pay a fine of Ksh 5,000.

NTSA Penalty if operates a vehicle without the valid inspection license

Do not drive a vehicle without the valid inspection license since it is illegal and attracts a fine of Ksh 10,000 when found in accordance with Section 16 (2) and 17A (3).

The New traffic rules 30 (1) and (7) prohibits the operation of a vehicle without a driver’s license with respect to the specific class of vehicle.

If get caught then you will pay a fine of Ksh 7,000. On the other hand, section 30 (4) and (41) states that one must renew his driver’s license after expiration to which you will be responsible for paying a fine of KSh 1000.

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Unqualified persons without a driving license will be charged with Ksh 7,000 when caught driving, in accordance with section 33 (c) and 41.

You must also have your driver’s license with you, since the missing license is a traffic offense that attracts a Ksh 1,000 fine as stated in Section 36 (1) and (3).

kenya traffic offence fines,NTSA Fine For Overspeeding

Motorists in Nairobi County will be fined up to Sh 25,000 if they challenge the new up to 50 kph speed limit set for vehicles bound for CBD.

The speeds are monitored after the installation of new cameras, reported by the NTSA, in a notice that is being mentioned in the handbook of the traffic rules under speed restrictions.

The cameras installation process will start at City Cabanas on the KWS gate on Lang’ata Road, Mombasa Road, Nakumatt Junction ong Ngong ‘Road and from Nakumatt Junction to Uthiru on Naivasha Road.

The speed limit begins at the James Gichuru Road, junction along Waiyaki Way, at the Mobil gas station on Peponi Road and at Muthaiga Mini Market on Limuru Road.

In the north by-pass, the rule of such application begins at the Nyayo Barracks roundabout, and from Ridgeways on Kimabu Road.

The authority said that motorists who drive on Kangundo Road will remain within the decided speed limit of Kangundo Road and Utalii Drift on Thika Road.

“All other roads in Nairobi city that are not listed are considered to be within the limit,” the authority reported.

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