10 Most Searched Car insurance Questions You Ought to Know in 2019

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10 Most Searched Car insurance Questions You Ought to Know in 2018

After you purchase a car, it becomes a priority to take huge care of it. You can’t predict any mishap, whether a road accident or attempt to theft in the parking lot, you never know when you will get involved in an accident. So you need to have an insurance policy for your car as soon as you purchase it.

But it is important to consider on what type of car insurance should you buy or what is the right coverage for your car? To know the right coverage, you must shop around and talk to different insurance agents for the various coverage plans. Every agent you speak to will not provide comprehensive knowledge about the insurance plans. You need to inquire about every fact about car insurance you are unaware of.

Recently, InsureAfrika conducted a survey on Car Insurance Distribution Channels which reported the different insurance buying channels used by Kenyans. The survey involved channels like buying insurance directly from insurance companies, through insurance agents or brokers or by the recommendation of family or friends.

Most of Kenyans prefer popular names in the Insurance market as seen in advertisements. Of course, this will give an idea about the company but still, you need to talk to insurers about different insurance plans. Confused what to ask your insurance agent? Here is a list of 10 Most Searched Car insurance Questions (Also See more faqs here) which every motorist must ask his insurance agent to get an in-depth overview of plans and then go for the right coverage for their car:


1 . Why is my car insurance so high?

Surprised by how much you need to pay for auto insurance? Maybe your premium spiked since your last renewal and you can no longer afford the cost. Let’s look at why your car insurance cost might seem like it’s costing you a fortune. Here are some points that which might be making your car insurance premium to go through the roof.

  1. Your driving record is terrible
  2. You have a history of big claims
  3. You drive super long distances, and you drive a lot
  4. You’ve had auto insurance canceled in the past
  5. You’re a guy, you’re young, and you’re not married
  6. You have a child on your insurance
  7. You’re driving an “unsafe” car
  8. Your deductible is too low, or your coverage is too high
  9. You bought a new car
  10. You caused an accident
  11. You’re paying for a lot of coverage
  12. You had a gap in coverage
  13. You’ve had moving violations
  14. You aren’t bundling your policies
  15. You’re an inexperienced driver
  16. Your license was suspended
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2.  Should You Pay for Your Car Insurance Yearly or Monthly?

A car owning cost is not just the cost of purchasing it from the dealer but it brings the expense of insurance with it. Yearly payment of car insurance cost may get pricey. Of course, you can afford a car but it gives a relief if you can pay for your insurance premiums either monthly or even quarterly.

The standard payment criteria used by most Kenyan insurance companies is to pay for your car insurance up front for the full year, in one single payment. The main benefit of this approach is that you will have access to get good deals or special discounts from your insurer.

In case, you can’t afford to pay full year’s insurance up front for your car in one single payment, there are many insurers who offer the option to pay for your cover in monthly installments. Spreading the cost of your insurance over the year can make it more manageable for you but Unfortunately, you’re likely to pay more if you choose to pay monthly. Most insurers also charge interest for monthly payments. Also, you could be missing out on some great deals by limiting your car insurance search to monthly payment plans.

3: Does car insurance cover the car or the driver?

A common question asked by every motorist is whether a car insurance cover follows the car or the driver. First and foremost, your car insurance policy will cover your car if you get into an accident. Any damage or loss to your car or car belongings is covered as a result of a car accident. In case, you or any other passenger in the vehicle gets injured, and it comes under your policy then the medical expense is also covered under your policy. It all depends on the coverage plan you have chosen for your car.

Choosing the third party liability will cover the third party for all the damage to the car or third person whereas a comprehensive insurance covers both the parties for any kind of loss or damage to the car, bodily injuries irrespective of who is at fault.

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4: What happens if someone gets in an accident while driving your car?

This is really important to understand how car insurance works if someone else crashes your car. When it comes to other members of your family, friends or relatives driving the cars you own, it is wise to make sure they are listed on your policy so that full coverage is guaranteed. As per general rule, anyone living in your house is typically covered when driving your car. Apart from this, friends or family members who don’t stay with you but use your car should be listed in your policy.

If a person not included in your policy drives the car and gets into an accident, you will be liable for the loss. To avoid this, understand your policy and include all the members of your policy who can drive your car.


5: Why does marital status affect car insurance?

Marital Status is one of the important parameters which determine your risk assessment based on which your car insurance premiums are evaluated. Statistics show that young drivers are more likely to meet accidents due to rash or careless driving whereas married people are considered as responsible citizens. If you are married, you will surely get discount on your car insurance premiums.

6: Should I use insurance to replace the windshield?

Windshield replacement is an optional coverage and if you don’t have it under your policy, you will likely pay for it.A Comprehensive coverage typically covers for damages including natural disasters, violence, civil activities etc but does not cover for things other than collision.

You need to check out whether your comprehensive coverage includes windshield repair or replacement.


7: Is a broken car window covered by insurance?

A broken car window is the most common car repair that may or may not be included in your policy. Before filing a claim for a broken window, you must ask your insurance provider if it’s all-inclusive. Some policies only cover broken glass from your side and rear windows, but won’t pay to repair or replace your car’s windshield. Whether it’s a sunroof, windshield, side window, or rear window, having a damaged window is a common car problem.

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8: Can you claim on your car insurance for vandalism?

If your vehicle gets vandalized, you can potentially face a lot of expenses that you didn’t expect (depending on the severity of the act). In order to be protected against property damage due to vandalism, you must carry comprehensive car insurance. A Comprehensive insurance covers non-collision-related expenses such as those associated with Vandalism.

9: Is the owner of the car or the driver liable for an accident?

This is the most controversial question arisen by a number of accident victims. When a car accident happens, the person driving the vehicle is assumed to be at fault whether he is the driver or owner of the car. But if the person is the driver, he may claim that owner is responsible for the accident as well as damage. These cases are often taken to court over the question of liability.

This includes two major parts: Insurance and Permissive Use. A general rule says that insurance on a car includes all the family members living in the same household unless someone is specially excluded from the policy. Thus, you can include your driver in your policy to avoid any kind of future trouble. This is the permissive use of your policy. In this way, you can cover the driver along the owner of the vehicle.

10: How can fault impact your car insurance rates?

If you were the driver at fault in an accident, that doesn’t mean your insurance rates will automatically rise. Your insurer will look into your previous profile records which involve a number of factors, like your driving history, a number of claims filed etc. Also, before deciding whether to raise your insurance rates, the company investigates the circumstances that caused the accident.

If it does go up, the best way to bring it back down is to drive safely in future.

Any other questions which are still in your mind but confused whether to ask or not, visit us below


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