List Of Documents Required To Sell A Used Car in Kenya

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 Documents Required To Sell A Used Car in Kenya

The rare pearl found some formalities remain to be completed before being able to take the wheel of a used car. But while a professional seller delivers the vehicle “turnkey”, the administrative procedures remain entirely the responsibility of the buyer in the context of a sale between individuals. Focus on the points to check documents Required To Sell A Used Car in Kenya.

Collect the papers of the car

The first rule when buying a used car in Kenya: never conclude a transaction before the nonprofessional seller has submitted all the administrative documents. These documents will be essential to apply for a registration card and take out auto insurance.

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What to do in case of loss of the logbook?

The registration certificate (ex-logbook) is considered as the “identity card” of the vehicle, this document must be crossed out and marked “Sold on” followed by the signature of the seller. For the top right corner marked “Part to be cut upon assignment of the vehicle” must be detached and returned to the new owner.

On recent certificates, the upper part has the necessary information for sale. This detachable coupon allows circulating a month, time to make a new request for the logbook.

The first thing you need to do is get a police abstract stating the loss of the logbook, write to NTSA requesting a duplicate logbook and attach the police abstract.

If it’s for an individual, attach the ID copy and the PIN certificate. If for a company, attach the certificate of incorporation and the company’s PIN certificate.

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What to do in case of car theft?

The certificate of an administrative situation can be issued under 15 days by the prefecture, this document attests that the vehicle for sale is neither pledged nor stolen. It also allows to control that its use is not restricted by a third party (tax, credit company, immobilization for unpaid fines). A security for the buyer who is certain to circulate legally.

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Mandatory technical control to sell

The report of the technical control whether the seller is professional or private, the technical inspection is mandatory for cars of 4 years or more. It must have been done in the six months preceding the sale in order to be valid when applying for registration. A delay is therefore expected accordingly.

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The buyer may also require the vehicle’s maintenance book and the manufacturer’s complete instructions. These documents are not mandatory, but give a clear idea of the maintenance of the used car.

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Apply for a registration certificate

After the sale of the car is made, the new owner has one month (from the date written on the receipt of assignment) to register the vehicle and apply for a registration card. The file sent to the prefecture must include the following supporting documents:

  • The old certificate of registration
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address
  • The report of the technical control

IMPORTANT: To register a vehicle, it is now mandatory that it should be insured in advance. The copy of the green card is required among the documents to be collected to apply for a registration card for a used car.

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Our tip!

The cost of this approach differs according to geographical areas and the power of the used car. The time of sending under secure fold is also variable according to the departments: it takes one to three weeks to obtain his registration certificate in Kenya. Below there are some optional and mandatory points to be considered:

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Invoice of the car (optional)


This is the invoice that is given by the point of sale/car dealership where you bought your car. It is mandatory if there is an offset in the details of the RC with the details of the vehicle.

“Although the bill of the car is not mandatory, it proves the authenticity of the seller. In addition, you should always have evidence when you make a legal transaction. ”

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Duplicate car keys (optional)


Duplicate car keys are not required to sell your car.

“In case of absence, they will drop the resale value of your car.”


Property Manual (optional)


The manual is given when you buy a car. This is not mandatory but it may be necessary as it is proof of the registered car you have owned. Previously, there was a separate service manual for cars. Most brands have now incorporated it into the ownership manual.


Application of the insurance transfer (mandatory)


You must write this request to the insurance company to transfer the insurance policy to the buyer of the car.

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Get Car insurance

Last obligatory formality before taking the road: to ensure the new vehicle against the damages and possible losses. In most cases, it is advantageous to take out a “third party car insurance ” or “intermediary” car insurance Kenya for used car. The driver will benefit from basic protection, without pushing up his car budget/price ratio.

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The terminated insurance contract in Kenya

The certificate of sale or assignment is available from the administration’s (NTSA/KRA motor vehicle transfer) or on the website, this certificate is the contract between the seller and the buyer when they are both private. It mentions the specifics of the used car sold, including mileage and the date of sale. Each party keeps a copy of the certificate.

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Vehicle insurance in Kenya

As a buyer, it is best to contact by phone beforehand or send an email to the insurance company to warn that you will buy a new used vehicle to be covered in case of an accident.

For the seller, the same thing: it is important to warn his insurer of the sale of his used vehicle in order to stop his contract as soon as possible.

Buying a new vehicle is definitely the best opportunity to compare and change insurance company. Next Insurance offers the best car insurance contracts to help you find the best deals: the one that covers you and exactly matches your driving profile.

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