What Risks Are Covered Under Comprehensive Car Insurance Kenya?

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Risks Covered Under Comprehensive Car Insurance

The comprehensive car insurance is the most complete formula to protect your vehicle. It is also the one that will cost you the most. All risk is the types of the comprehensive car insurance. What is really hiding behind this notion of ” risks”? What does it really support, what are the exclusions, the additional guarantees? When should you be sure of all risks? Follow the guide on Comprehensive auto insurance.

Key points to remember about comprehensive insurance:

  • The comprehensive insurance is the one that offers the highest level of protection: you are compensated even if Car crashed.
  • If your vehicle has value or you want maximum protection, do not hesitate: comprehensive insurance is what you need.
  • According to the insurers, the content of the all-risk formulas varies: you will then have to take out additional guarantees adapted to your situation.

Unlike the third party car insurance, which is mandatory minimum insurance associated with the warranty liability, which covers only the damage caused to others, comprehensive insurance guarantees you support, your own repairs in case of damage or damage caused by a third party or by yourself.

Therefore, even if you are responsible for the damage, you will receive compensation.

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Optimal protection

Even if the contracts vary from one insurer to another, generally, with the car insurance Kenya, you are protected against bodily injury and material damage, even in the event of a responsible loss.

Guarantee exclusions

Even all-risk insurance includes exclusions of guarantees. Here are some cases for which the insurance will not reimburse:

  1. If the license is invalid;
  2. If the blood alcohol level is higher than the legal limit;
  3. If you drive under the influence of narcotics;
  4. If the incident was caused by a traffic offense;
  5. In case of non-compliance with one of the clauses of the conditions of your contract.

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In which cases comprehensive car insurance is recommended in Kenya?

comprehensive insurance is recommended in Kenya

Before you commit to a car insurance policy, first check that the game is well worth the effort. Here are the cases where taking out comprehensive insurance is recommended:

  • If your car is new and its resale value is high: in the event of a claim, your insurer will compensate you based on the value of your car on the used car market. It is therefore wise to opt for extended protection. This is especially true for vehicles equipped with the latest technologies, whose disaster repair costs can quickly be considerable.
  • If you want full coverage. The comprehensive insurance covers a very wide range of damages and guarantees you to be compensated in most cases: accident responsible or not, third party identified or not, vandalism, natural disasters, etc.

Major risks covered under comprehensive car insurance

In Kenya, there are three main types of car insurance namely Comprehensive, Third Party car insurance, Fire & Theft (TP&FT), and Third Party Only (TPO).

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Here we will cover the 5 main risks covered under comprehensive car insurance in Kenya.

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Third party liability

This covers the insured from liability for damage to third parties and damage caused by the insured vehicle in the use for which it is insured. Most policies cover property damage to the third party from a minimum of 10 million KSh to KSh. 30 million for private vehicles. For third party, coverage is unlimited. This responsibility is the most common insurance claim; it results from small or medium-sized road accidents where the insured has crashed into other vehicles, causing the material and bodily injury.

Accidental damage to the vehicle

This is the most common damage on the insured vehicle. It covers everything until the motor vehicle is dented until a car accident or even following a road accident. Damage to glass, which includes windshield damage, broken windows and lights are common damages in this category.

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Passenger Responsibility

This will cover the insured against any form of liability towards the passengers of the vehicle. This responsibility may include prosecution of passengers in the courts for compensation for the physical, mental, psychological and financial damage to which they have been exposed as a result of accidents. For passenger service vehicles (PSV), this is charged for each passenger to be transported in the vehicle.

Note that the passenger’s liability does not cover the household members of the insured. Therefore, if the insured is traveling with his family, the passenger’s liability will not be extended. It is therefore advisable to purchase individual accident insurance or health insurance plan for family members to cover medical expenses resulting from a car accident.

Accidental damage to the vehicle

Special hazards

In Kenya, most auto insurance policies also cover policyholders against special risks such as thunder, floods, earthquakes and storms. The most common of these hazards is flooding, which causes considerable damage and destruction during the rainy season.
Floods cause road accidents, while severe flooding even submerges motor vehicles on roads, causing total losses, as was the case with the El-Nino rains, which caused destruction and loss of life. Significant lives throughout the country in 2015/2016. This policy, however, does not cover man-made events such as war, terrorism, and other political events.

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Partial and Total theft

The comprehensive auto insurance also covers theft attempts and the successful theft of the insured vehicle. Partial theft occurs when one or more parts of the vehicle have been stolen. These are usually mirrors, headlights, grille and tires. Total theft is when the entire vehicle has been stolen, a car is commonly ransacked by organized crime gangs. For vehicles equipped with anti theft devices and tracking, the insured pays a lower excess in case of disaster.

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An alternative to comprehensive car insurance in Kenya?

It’s not because your vehicle is new and you have a systematic interest in taking out this type of insurance. You need to determine the main risks to which you are exposed and compare the offers. You can quite take an intermediate insurance that you deem sufficient for your needs.

Did you know?

Investing in a car insurance allows you to be compensated much faster, not to mention that compensation is paid by your insurance before the dispute is resolved with the insurance of other party.

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Additional guarantees offered with comprehensive insurance

Contrary to what one might think, insurance does not cover 100% of risks. For that, you must subscribe additional guarantees adapted to your situation. Here is a non-exhaustive list corresponding to the main optional guarantees associated with an all-risk insurance policy. Attention, certain guarantees are proposed under certain conditions and can be sometimes reserved for the most upscale formulas.

Hardware damage warranties

  1. The Collision Damage Coverage: It covers all the damages of your car from the moment when we can identify the person with whom the damage was suffered. You will not be protected in case of vandalism or if you have a collision with a wild animal.
  2. The all-risk damage guarantee: it compensates you for all kinds of claims, regardless of the driver’s share of the liability and whether or not there is another entity identified or not in the damage. In summary, you are covered against vandalism, if your car has been damaged by an unidentifiable third party, or if you have damaged yourself.
  3. Theft guarantee: it reimburses the value of your vehicle in the event of theft, provided that it shows that there has been a break-in;
  4. The broken glass warranty: it covers any damage to your windshield requiring either its repair or its complete replacement. This warranty may extend to other types of “windows” such as side windows, sunroof, rear window and more rarely mirrors and rear lights. Attention, it does not, however, cover the damages related to natural disasters or technological, the latter calling on guarantees apart;
  5. The fire warranty: it allows you to be compensated against all types of fires caused by an external cause or unexplained, all up to the value of your car at the time of the loss, or according to an amount fixed in upstream in your contract. This excludes any damage caused by a badly extinguished cigarette or if the car was poorly maintained.

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Personal injury benefits

It is important to know that taking out an “all risk” car insurance does not compensate you for personal injury if you are responsible for the accident.

The interest of the contract of insurance all risks is on the contrary to cover automatically the insured himself, for all the bodily injuries which he could have undergone:

  • Even if he is declared responsible or co-responsible for the accident;
  • Even if he is alone or the other vehicle cannot be identified;
  • Even if it strikes an animal, whether wild or domestic.
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Whether you are totally responsible for the accident or only partially, or if no responsible person is identified, this guarantee compensates:

  • Your loss of income following a work stoppage;
  • Your medical expenses;
  • Your hospitalization and surgical expenses;
  • Your funeral expenses in the event of death.

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You have two ways to be compensated:

  • Lump sum (capital determined in the contract, therefore capped).
  • Compensatory (overall amount awarded based on the assessment of the injury).

Prefer compensation based on the evaluation of the damage suffered rather than a flat-rate compensation, less advantageous because capped.

Open your eyes wide!

These optional guarantees are sometimes included in the all-risk insurance formulas of certain insurers. That is why it is essential to compare and read the terms and conditions before signing any insurance contract.

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