Tips To Protect Yourself From Carjacking In Kenya

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 Protect Yourself From Carjacking In Kenya

The carjacking is not necessarily covered by your car insurance. If you own a luxury car, it is better to check your insurance cover, the practice of carjacking is developing at high speed.

The crime rate is high in all parts of Kenya, particularly in Nairobi and Mombasa. However, the most common crime in Kenya is the carjacking so that the criminal can commit an armed robbery.

With the new methods of securing cars, thieves are adapting. While some are leaning towards ” theft with the mouse “, others prefer to directly attack drivers while driving. This is called carjacking.

In this article lets learn about it in details and some tips to Protect Yourself From Carjacking In Kenya

What is Car jacking?

The carjacking means a car theft, but also any vehicle theft: motorcycle, scooter, van etc. It takes place in the presence of the driver, when the vehicle is stationary or in motion slowed. The perpetrator intervenes by surprise and dislodges the driver of the vehicle. He settles in his place and steals the original keys and the car in a few seconds.

Frequent carjacking situations include red-light stop, parking maneuver, traffic jams, and assistance during a real-life accident or feign.

To feel safe driving and react without putting yourself in danger in case of car-jacking, there are simple methods to apply and dissuasive.

How to prevent & protect from Car Jacking?

prevent car jacking

There are some tips to deter criminals from engaging in the car-jacking, and to protect you:

  1. keep your doors locked when you ride and always buckle up your seat belt (it is less easy to dislodge a tied driver);

  2. turn off the engine and keep the keys with you if it is a brief stop;

  3. keep your phone always on hand or at hand;

  4. park in light, unobstructed places.

  5. Different anti-carjacking systems are available in shops. Most, like the alarm or circuit breaker, have a strong deterrent effect.

  6. An adapted car insurance kenya, which covers you in case of car theft, is another way to protect yourself financially from carjacking.

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How to react to the carjacking?

It is better not to resist in a carjacking situation to avoid putting your life in danger. In the face of threats and violence, it is advisable to let the perpetrator do the wrong thing.

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Keeping calm and memorizing all the details are the best ways to facilitate law enforcement investigations. If you have your phone, contact the emergency as soon as possible after a car-jacking .

GPS and owner recognition

More and more cars, for the moment mainly high-end, are equipped with GPS systems allowing the location of the stolen vehicle. A recent invention allows the car to “recognize” its owner. Anyone entering a vehicle, within 2 minutes of opening the door, must “identify”. Of course, the required identification combination has been previously registered by the owner.

The combination often requires two or three manoeuvres (eg, activating pin + the face identification). Failing to perform this recognition code, the system goes into action and cuts off the fuel supply, triggers the horn and warnings.

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Burglary or break-in: that’s the question!

Once notified, your insurer will study your file in detail to establish that it is a theft.

To avoid scam problems, you must prove that there has been a break – in.

And for this, the insurer must check for the presence of traces of break-in. It will also verify that your car has an anti-theft device if your contract requires it. This is often the condition of auto insurance contracts to grant the “Theft Protection Guarantee”. Once the guarantee is acquired, you can be compensated.

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What does your carjacking auto insurance covers?

The peculiarity of carjacking is that the car theft is done without breaking and that the thief leaves with the keys, which in general did not leave the contact. Therefore, it can be very difficult to prove the theft, especially if the driver has not been physically assaulted.

Some car insurance excludes from the outset to cover the car theft if the keys are on the contact. Hence the difficulty for motorists confronted with a carjacking: in addition to the trauma, some have only to redeem themselves a new car, out of their pocket.

Knowing your car insurance benefits, and more importantly, the conditions of guarantee is essential. Compare car insurance before choosing!

Tips from car insurance provider in Kenya

Prevention is better than cure, even with the best car insurance. So, to avoid being a victim of carjacking, it is better to take some habits: for example,

  • Lock yourself in your car when you are stopped red light or at low speed.

  • If you feel followed, for example, make roundabouts and always leave a space with the car ahead to keep a space to escape.

In short, make your back up when you travel and take a good car insurance from Next Insurance Kenya!

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My vehicle has been found, what will happen?

There are two situations to distinguish:

  • Your vehicle is found before the 30 days following the declaration of theft

  • Your vehicle is found after the 30 days following the declaration of theft

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In the first case you take back your vehicle and your insurer bears the costs of repairs, minus the amount of your deductible. But in the second situation you may have the choice: take back your vehicle, or touch the compensation offered by your insurer and leave your vehicle to the insurer.

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