Car Ownership Cost, Top 5 Cars in Kenya Infographic – Series 9

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Car Ownership Cost, Top 5 Cars in Kenya Infographic – Series 9

We have introduced you 9th series of Most Popular Cars in Kenya and today came up with the ninth infographic of this series. Depending on the budget, insurance cost and fuel efficiency,, we recommend you the cars you must look around and factors you should take care while planning to buy a new asset.

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The 9th series is all about the following five cars:

1. Land Rover Discovery

2. Toyota 4-Runner

3.  Toyota Raum

4. Mercedes Benz C200

5. Toyota Isis

Although 90% of Kenyans believe that one should always prefer Toyota while thinking about purchasing a new car. Here is why – the cost of the car is not all that matters but its a lot more than you think. The cost goes up drastically when you count on factors like car insurance (must in Kenya) and annual fuel cost ( every extra mile which you will add to your drive every day is going to add thousands of shillings to your fuel cost).

Toyota is the most affordable, fuel efficient and stylish choice for all those who require it for regular needs. Apart from Toyota, there are other standouts you should take care of, like Land Rover, and Mercedes Benz. Mercedes C -class Edition is the perfect choice for the people who purchase the car for more than a luxury.

Before you purchase a new car, it is always important to know its potential cost and figure out the best deals so that you can make a monthly budget and make huge savings.

Car Ownership Cost, Top 5 Cars in Kenya Infographic – Series 9

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