Car Ownership Cost of in Kenya Infographic 🚗 Series 17

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A new week and a new series

Yeah..Series 17 is all about the most popular car manufacturers with their supreme models.You might be confused of their market value but don’t worry! If its from a top manufacturer it is not supposed to be a highly priced car. Yes, of course, we have certain fuel efficient cars that give you a luxury feel and even does not end up costing you an empty pocket. Let’s have a look! Among these, Toyota duet has lowest economical Car Insurance Kenya and comparatively less fuel cost becoming the top choice of every Kenyan. 

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  1. Mitsubishi Outlander:

The  Mitsubishi Outlander  is a midsize crossover five-door wagon that has been produced since 2001. It is available in different drivetrains and trims, assuring the buyer that it’s a family car that will meet the needs for comfort, power, and practicality.

  1. Suzuki Escudo:

Suzuki is a Japanese brand name that emphasizes affordability and value. This brand has made everything from sedans to SUVs. Getting a Suzuki Escudo means owning luxury with comfort.

  1. Toyota Duet

Toyota Duet, previously known as Daihatsu Storia, is a small engine car manufactured by Toyota  from 1998 to 2004. The car is packed with features such as power steering and window, manual and auto transmission, 2WD and 4WD options, and a broad range of safety features. The model is successful worldwide because of its a loyal customer base.

  1. Ford Ranger:

Ford Ranger is a pickup truck produced by the Ford Motor Company. The “Ranger” name had previously been used for a premium styling package on the F-Series full-sized pickup trucks since 1965.  The compact Ranger had a similar styling to the full-size Ford F-Series, used a similar architecture, and was offered with a four-wheel drive capability. This ability allowed the Ford Ranger to haul a four-foot-wide (1.2 m) sheet of plywood, which is a common standard for a pickup truck.

  1. Mitsubishi Canter

The Mitsubishi Canter is a light-duty commercial truck that is popular around the world. The payload capacity is quite high, and it is available in 4WD, making it durable for heavy-duty jobs.

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