Car Ownership Cost Of Popular Cars In Kenya 🚗 Infographic Series 20

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There is a head to head competition between Mercedes and Toyota cars and this week, Mercedes Benz has occupied two positions in the five top cars picked by NEXT under the survey of popular cars to own in Kenya. We have listed below the cars ranking among best five cars under affordable car ownership:

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  1. Mercedes Benz 200
  2. Mercedes Benz E240
  3. Toyota Camry
  4. Nissan Vanette
  5. Toyota Spacio

Let’s take a closer look to each one of these.

Mercedes Benz 200

A promising automotive manufacturing company, Mercedes well known for its luxurious cars all over the world. As they say “Fun to Drive & A pleasure to own”, Mercedes-Benz gives you smoother and safer driving experience. In terms of both design and technology, you will enjoy extreme seating comfort, extravagance looks, stylish interior and a class to own.

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Mercedes Benz E240

Mercedes has been manufacturing their range of executive cars under the name E-Class since 1993. Among E-Class, E240 is the most economical car with powerful engine, impressive interior, advanced safety features and comfort ability. It is one of the most reliable vehicles by Mercedes offering both value and durability.

Toyota Camry

Launched in 1982, the Toyota Camry has fascinated multiple generations with its subtle style and stunning power. Being the leading company and people’s first choice, Toyota is extremely popular in Kenya. Also, Toyota Camry cars are the most selling vehicle in the East African region.

Nissan Vanette

Since 1978, the Vanette Van by Nissan is popular worldwide. The Vans have large cargo area and easy loading. It’s the ideal vehicle to own for businesses or tradesmen from a transportation perspective.

Toyota Spacio

The Corolla Verso (known as the Corolla Spacio in Japan) was a five-door estate Compact MPV first released by Toyota in 1997. It was first manufactured as a small minivan offering great riding comfort and loading capacity. The second generation Corolla Spacio was unveiled and launched in Japan in May 2001. Among the five choices, it is the most expensive car with high-priced insurance and car value.

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Car Ownership Cost Of Popular Cars In Kenya 🚗 Infographic Series-20

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