Car Ownership Cost of in Kenya Infographic– Series 15

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We have come back this week with the most stylish, reasonably priced and absolutely best value choices for the car shoppers. From small cars to SUVs, you can choose among these cars to buy in 2018:

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  • Nissan FB15:

Nissan FB15 is a midsize sedan car built by the Japanese automaker Nissan. The car is designed with the focus to be the comfortable, spacious and good performance vehicle. Nissan FB15 is the right car for those looking for stylish models with low maintenance and affordable range.

  • Subaru Outback:

Subaru Outback is a Japan-based automobile having some of the best all-wheel-drive power trains and turbochargers on the market, which facilitate high performance. As a result of the high-quality standards, Subaru used cars are in high demand, and it is expected that the car will continue to be in trends for the year 2018.

  • BMW 116i:

BMW is a German multinational automobile company popular for classy cars and motorcycles. Bestowed with contemporary design this BMW 1 series car, it comes with great comfort features, well equipped with an array of vital safety features, fuel efficient and great road performer. At corners, overall ride quality of BMW 116i is really that impressive that we personally prefer you to purchase it without any second thought in mind.

  • Audi A3:

Audi has been an in-demand brand as the maker of luxury cars and SUVs that stand out for decades. Even Audi cars since the last decade made a statement on the road because they were ahead of their time in design, performance, and comfort. That made the demand for Audi cars among the car shoppers quite high.

  • Mitsubishi Carisma:

The Mitsubishi Carisma is a large family car produced for the European market by Mitsubishi from 1995 to 2004. The Carisma may not stand out from the crowd on looks, but when it comes to offering top notch value for money and providing thoroughly capable and reliable family transport, it’s one of the best. And it’s a car that will last, if not forever, then at least long enough to give you many years of diamond service.

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