Car Insurance Excess Protector – Everything You Need To Know

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Car Insurance Excess Protector kenya

 Protect yourself against unexpected and expensive excesses with Car Insurance Excess Protector.

Motor Insurance is the most mandatory insurance covers in Kenya in which one of the most misunderstood insurance concepts is how the excess protector works. Excess Protection insurance allows you to claim back your excess on any one insurance claim made during the 12-month period of your Car insurance Kenya policy. This article will demonstrate everything you should know before opting for excess protection on your comprehensive car insurance.

Excess Protection cover

Car Excess ProtectorWhat is Excess Protector in Motor Insurance?

An optional benefit that can be appended to your comprehensive car insurance in Kenya is the excess protector. If you have an accident, this extensive coverage is to make sure you don’t have to pay out of your pocket unnecessarily. It basically safeguards the customer from shoving some first amount of loss in the event of an accident or other such incidents involving the insured vehicle.

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Types Of Excess ProtectorWhat Are The Types Of Excess Protector?

There are 2 types of Excess Protector:

buy new or used car in kenyaOwn Damage Excess Protector

This is applicable to claims for repairs to the insured vehicle arising out of a road accident. Typically for motor insurance in Kenya, this is normally set at 2.5% of the value of the car with a minimum excess value of KSh 20,000. Whereas commercial vehicles and PSVs are set at 5% of the value of the vehicle and so, the minimum excess value also at KSh 20,000.

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buy new or used car in kenyaTheft Excess Protector

In case of total theft, partial theft or an attempted theft of the insured car. this protector will be appropriate and applicable. Partial theft is when a part or parts of the vehicle are stolen but the not the vehicle in its entirety is stolen either from parked places in Kenya or other places. Commonly the side mirrors, tires, front grill, wheel caps are stolen. Total theft is commonly executed using carjackings/robberies.

There are different excess rates for claims made for car theft, depending on the security of the car.

Those customers which have Anti Theft Devices (ATD) or Tracking Systems fitted in their cars pay comparatively smaller excesses in the event of car theft. Thus, excess rates liable vary from as low as 2.5% of car value to as high as 25% of car value depending on the security features of the insured vehicle.

Why Choose Excess Protector?

How Motor Insurance Excess Protector Works

If you are involved in a car accident, you will be surely making a claim. In order to make a claim, one needs to pay for the insurance claim and that’s what you will need to do.

Let’s say – if you make a claim for KEH 400 and you have a KES 100 excess, you’d pay the first KEH 100 and rest of the amount will be taken care of by the insurance company. Now, if you also purchase the excess protector, you will be having the benefit to cover your excess up to KSH 300 and you will never be out of pocket. Additionally, your excess will be recovered by the company in a number of situations.

Therefore, Excess Protection policy in place will reduce the stress and hassle at a difficult time, and assuring you against financial loss if your car or vehicle is damaged by a fault accident, or if you are hit by an unidentified driver.

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How Does Car Insurance Excess Protection Works?

In the event of an accident,  an insurance underwriter would require the client to meet the first 2.5% of the value of the insured vehicle. The actual amount payable is normally dictated by the value of the vehicle.

Higher the value of the vehicle, more the amount to be paid by the client as excess!

By paying either 0.25% or 0.5% of the vehicle’s value as extra premium, one would be exempted from paying the 2.5% of the insured amount (vehicle value handling the material damage claim.

If once a claim is made successfully, the excess protector becomes invalid and thereafter, needs to be reinstated upon payment of the applicable premium which ranges from 0.25%, 0.5% or 1% subject to the underwriting terms of the insurance company handling the matter and the benefits selected by the client or his/her agent.

car insurance excess protection in accident

What Claims Are Not Covered By Excess Protector?

Likewise, it is imperative to understand that excess protector premium payment would only shield the client from participating in the claim settlement  if the estimated repair cost of damaged vehicle is more than 2.5% of the insured value of the same vehicle or the minimum amount set by the underwriter. The situations where the claims will not be covered by your insurance agents are:

  • If the repair cost of the vehicle is LESS than the standard benchmarks set by the policy underwriter, then the client would be expected to meet the entire cost of repairs without any participation of the insurer. This is meant to alert the general public from presenting minor claims to insurance underwriters.
  • Excess Protection also does not apply to any incidents that occur before the specified start date of your policy.
  • You also cannot claim on your Excess Protection for any incidents related to glass (windscreen, sunroof, windows), your personal belongings or any audiovisual equipment in the car.
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Things You Should Know

Here is everything you need to know about Car Insurance Excess Protector Kenya:

  1. If you purchase an excess protector for any of your car insurance policy, you have had to pay the full excess for your claim in order to make a successful claim on your car insurance policy for unexpected future events.
  2. Windscreen and glass claims are not covered.
  3. Coverage of the excess is payable by the main driver.
  4. Excess Protection allows for one claim per policy year.
  5. Covers all drivers written on the policy.
  6. Cost of repairing the damage must be greater than the applicable excess.

When Can I use Excess Protector?

This cover helps protect you from having to pay the due excess on your policy, in the event of a motor claim. Situations where excess protection insurance is applicable are:

  • In case of accidental damage
  • malicious damage
  • theft or attempted theft
  • fire.

How We Can Help?

Excess Protection (Underwritten by NEXT INSURANCE is fully associated with AA Assistance Group) is included as standard in our NEXT Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover.

For more information, please write us.


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