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Motor insurance calculator kenya - car insurance premium estimate

Car Insurance in Kenya is a compulsion for every motorist to drive on the roads of Kenya. Thus, it is essential to know about all the benefits that come along with the policy that you have purchased for your car. How will you come to know what is the best car insurance plan for you? Well, here car insurance calculator play a major role to find you best car insurance coverage plans in a simple, quick and easy way.

As we all know there are different motor insurance coverage plans available in motor insurance companies of Kenya. Purchasing cost of every car insurance plan is different for different car insurance companies . It can be low or high depending upon the plan you will choose for your car.  In order to know what plan to choose, you can use Car Insurance Calculator Kenya. It is an online tool available on official portal of different auto insurance company websites that will help you to search and compare insurance quotes from different insurers to make a wise decision.

Why you should use a car insurance calculator?

Have you ever thought why car insurance rates in Kenya vary from person to person? This is because the cost of car insurance is determined on basis of specific parameters. These parameters include how likely you can file a claim, chances to involve in an accident, how expensive your car is, your driving experience etc.

Car Premium estimator or generally known as “car insurance calculator” has evolved as an iconic way to determine the car insurance premium to be paid by a person. Car Insurance Calculator collects information from car insurance seekers and then generate quotes from different companies for different car insurance plans. Customers are provided with these quotes to compare and choose the best insurance plan for themselves.

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Motor Insurance Calculators have eased the process of policy comparison by offering this facility online. This has resulted in a drop of purchasing policies via the traditional channels i.e. buying policies from insurance agents and thus, have also get rid of the agents’ commissions.

Motor Insurance Calculator

How to Use Motor Insurance Calculator?

Car Insurance Calculators provides the customers with premium quotes and customized additional benefits based on your profile information which you provide. Every insurance company uses its own calculator. Most of the calculators come with two options:

  • Premium Calculator for Used Cars
  • Premium Calculator for New Cars

For Used Cars:

If you want to calculate premium rates for old cars, you will require providing every detail about it. For instance,

  • car type (make and model of car),
  • existing car insurance policy if any,
  • registration number,
  • owner details,
  • claims report if any reported in past etc.

For New Cars:

In case you have purchased a new car, you will be asked for information like

  • car make,
  • the model of car,
  • year of manufacture,
  • personal details.

It will provide you the best car insurance coverage plans based on the details provided by the customers.

When you enter all the necessary info required into a calculator, it provides you with car insurance premium quotes and in addition to this, it also gives information about additional benefits with individual plans. These add-ons offer extra coverage which is not written in the main policy.  You can choose the ones which you need and add to your policy.

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6 Benefits Of Using Car Insurance Coverage Calculator

car insurance coverage calculator kenya

According to norms, every motorist in Kenya must purchase third-party only to cover up the loss or damage caused by you to the third party.  But the stats show that most car accidents happened in Kenya involved two parties – one who hits the vehicle and the victim. Hence, it is wise to invest in a comprehensive car insurance in kenya as it will also cover you along with the third party liabilities.

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Simply Calculate the cost of a comprehensive motor insurance cover when you take up a car insurance plan using vehicle market value and insurance premium rates. However, buying the right kind of insurance policy is quite difficult as people in Kenya have poor knowledge of motor insurance and they assume that third party only is a cheap policy as compared to a comprehensive cover.

Therefore, most people just settle for policies that sound cheaper. In order to make a right decision and buying the best insurance policy for the vehicle, every customer must use online car insurance calculator. It is ideal to buy an insurance policy online as you end up making huge savings. So use the auto insurance calculators to your benefits and buy auto insurance intelligently.

Here are some car insurance calculator benefits, which you must know about:

  • Using a car insurance calculator helps to save a huge amount of money through its best insurance plans.
  • Auto insurance Estimators are easily available on the internet. You can find them online and use for free to calculate your car insurance premiums.
  • Car Insurance Coverage Calculator also makes purchasing guidelines of insurance policies easy to understand and thus lets you decide what type of coverage you would require for your car.
  • Car Insurance Premium Calculator is more reliable and easy to use when it comes to buying a car insurance policy online.
  • With the help of online car insurance calculator , viewing your quotes will provide you with every necessary information about the amount to be paid while purchasing car insurance Kenya. Additionally, you will also get to know if you are eligible to special discounts based on parametric stats.
  • The use of car insurance estimator helps in making a right selection of car insurance policy for your insurance-related problems.
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Already a policyholder but dissatisfied with your insurance assistance or planning for buying a new policy for your branded new car? If yes, it is the best time to review your requirements and check out best motor insurance coverage plans. You can also try Next Insurance, one of the online-only platform that will provide you premium quotes with huge savings and real time policy generation instantly.

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