7 Car Insurance Policy Add-Ons Which Are Worth Having

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The time you purchase a car insurance policy, you may need to pay extra for additional insurance covers not mentioned under your policy. But do you think paying extra is worth all the benefits. An insurance customer searches for the cheap car insurance quotes but the cheapest policies tend to be the ones without bells and whistles.

Getting a right car insurance cover at a right price is an informed choice. A comprehensive car insurance cover comes with additional benefits that provide provide that you may not know about. It is advisable to check what exactly a policy covers and what are the covers written under your policy before you decide to buy it.

Here, in this blog, we are detailing all the add-ons that are worth-having to be included to your policy.

  1. Hire Car
  2. Legal Expenses Cover
  3. Personal Injury Cover
  4. Windscreen Cover
  5. Audio Equipment Cover
  6. Waiver of Depreciation
  7. Roadside Assistance

Policy Add-Ons Which Are Worth Having

Hire Car Cover

What If your car’s written off, stolen or damaged in an accident? This may leave you without a set of wheels for sometime and this is the time when ‘Hire Car’ Add-On kicks in. You will get a car for a period of probably 21 days. Furthermore, the policy may let your driver to use the hired car. They might also give you a small cash payout instead to cover alternative transport expenses.

What Type Of Car Do I Get?

Do not think that you will a get a BMW for a BMW. Until and unless you have a legal reason to use a specific model or an identical model, you will be given a standard model to avoid any type of inconvenience. Moreover, they might also give you a small cash payout instead to cover alternative transport expenses.


Many people think that they have already got Courtesy Car on the policy so they don’t need it. Hold On Guys!  If you are thinking a courtesy car other name for “HIRE CAR”, then you are wrong. A courtesy car and a hire car are two different beasts. Courtesy cars are given out when your car is damaged but repairable. If it’s written off or stolen, no courtesy car for you.

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Your choice. All depends on how  often you use your car. If you drive it daily, you should not miss it.

If you think that you can use public transport, car sharing or by walk, then it may be an unnecessary expense.

Legal Expenses Cover

Getting into an accident or a mishap is not in our hands. If you are involved in an accident, whether at fault or not, a comprehensive car insurance helps to cover for third party liabilities as well as own damage.

But what if your car is hit by someone and other person is not ready to pay you for any loss? What if the other person has not purchased any motor insurance? What if he or she is not a licensed driver and you need to take them to court to recuperate your costs from the accident?

Unless your comprehensive motor insurance offers you standard legal protection, you are the one who’ll be shelling out for those legal expenses.

A standard legal expense cover policy covers you with the following covers:

  • loss of earnings
  • medical expenses
  • reasonable travel expenses
  • phone calls made to your insurer

Your insurer may not settle your claim if they are doubtful regarding the result of case you filed against the person. But you are provided with a helpline to guide for legal advice in such cases.


You may not find it useful, but practically observing the unforeseen accidents, it is the most useful add-on one must not lose. Fighting in court can become expensive, so it’s one worth considering. Some car insurance companies in kenya include this cover as part of a standard policy, whereas others drop it to shave a few pounds off your price. Always check what you already have before upgrading your policy.

Personal Injury Cover

Many comprehensive insurance policies covers the customers with medical expense as standard. So, if you get serious injuries in the accident or die, this would pay out to help with recuperation costs, lost income or private treatment. What’s the benefit of this kind of cover? It will cover every member listed on your policy for the medical expenses. Additionally, this cover acts as extra protection as under this cover, you can also get covered while traveling in someone else’s car.

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This depends entirely on your circumstances.

Mostly people prefer to add this kind of cover as part of their life insurance policy, but younger people tend not to have this in policy. In Kenya, given that younger people are statistically more likely to have an accident, this personal injury cover offers that extra layer of protection and becomes a major need to be included in their policy.

Windscreen cover

In comprehensive car insurance, the windscreen cover generally cover you for the repairing cost to chips, cracks and other small damages encountered in an accident. In the case of a serious accident, if it heads towards more juicy smashes, your windscreen can be fully replaced. And this also covers rear screen or side windows.


All depends on your driving history. If you think that you are more likely to get into accidents, you should go for it. Although it may cover a small amount but why to expose to such a risk. Nobody can predict any mishap.

Audio Equipment

Most of the customers assume that these little things should be covered under their auto insurance anyways. But it’s best not to assume that, especially where smaller insurance companies are concerned.


If you think that these little expenses are rare to happen and are affordable enough to be made from your pocket then investing into this type of cover is an unnecessary expense.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

Most car insurance companies Kenya offer roadside assistance costing tiny additional premiums, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you will get a 24/7 service.

This is where a roadside assistance plays a huge role. It will provide you help for every little thing like you will be covered for towing. An assistance with a flat tire or a even a dead battery. It may offer farther towing distances and even if you mistakenly even locked your keys in the car by accident.

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This is an optional coverage that is worth-having in your policy, as the its cost carries only a small additional premium.

Waiver of Depreciation

If you get involved in an accident and the car is damaged or written off, the car will be valued by the car insurance company at a depreciated amount. As a result, the person will be reimbursed only for the depreciated value. This may leave you in a lurch if you bought a brand new car just a few months ago. This can be avoided if you invest into waiver of depreciation coverage when you insure your new car.

Yes, this coverage is especially for people who bought a new car and going to insure it or the people planning on to buy one. This cover ensures that if your new car is written off in an accident or theft early on in your ownership of it – typically within two years of ownership– you will be entitled to the brand-new value instead of the depreciated value. That means you can purchase another new car rather than heading for the used car lot for your replacement.

Know What You’re Covered For

While purchasing a comprehensive car insurance Kenya, read the policy carefully and check the benefits  which are already written under the policy before you proceed to buy it. And, if you are heading towards policy renewal, you need to think about:

  • Which (if any) of these car insurance add ons are included as standard?
  • Which ones might you need?

Every motorist must determine which optional coverage is best for their needs – but these are some of the most worthwhile options available. They’ll cost you a little more upfront, but can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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