Car Damage: Most Common Reasons And How to Prevent Them

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No one wants to find their car in unexpected situations. What if you come to know that a tree fell on your car and it’s a total loss? IT will seem like the darkest nightmare. Even if your car is equipped with the advanced safety features, it can easily get damaged due to a number of culprits. Here, we look at the 6 most common causes of car damage in Kenya, and effective steps to avoid them.

  • Rain Damage Threat

A misconception has influenced many car owners who believe that their car will get washed if sits in the rainwater. Let us make it very clear to you –  although rainwater is not harmful, as the rain stops, all the dust and dirt particles left over the car, will damage the exterior of your vehicle.

Additionally, if it’s an acid rainfall,  it might have pollutants and contaminants from the air. When the rain evaporates from the car’s surface, the pollutants left on the car’s surface can erode your vehicle’s shine. So, it’s important that you always wash your car after the rainfall.

  • Damage Due To Sun

As if absorbing a certain amount of Vitamin E from the sun may prove good to your health, but it can harm your skin if you expose to sun for a long time. Similarly, it happens with vehicles.

When you park your car at a place where it is exposed to burning sun rays, it can damage your vehicle. The direct exposure to ultraviolet radiations from the sun can fade away the dashboard which will certainly cost you a lot of money in repairs.

Your car’s paint also gets damaged due to excessive sunlight. If your car is continually exposed to sunlight, it will start fading the car paint and with time, it will completely lose its color.

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Furthermore, when it comes to the interior, the leather seats are also unprotected as sunlight also affects seat upholstery in the car. And, if we talk about the exterior, bumpers, luggage racks and other plastic parts on your car’s exterior will also fade away and lose its value if always exposed to sunlight.

While automakers have introduced modern cars that are designed to block sun damage, they’re not fully protected. For example, in modern cars, automotive glass is tinted, but the tint will try away against long duration of UV exposure.

To ensure a higher degree of sun damage protection to your car, we recommend you:

  • Attach a sunshade to your windshield when your vehicle is parked outside on a sunny day
  • Cover your vehicle with a car cover if it has to be held outside for extended periods of time.

  • Parking Your Car Under Trees

Parking your car under a tree is surely not a good idea. Although trees offer great shade, parking your vehicle under a tree might expose it to elements that fall from the tree and can potentially damage your car.

For instance – a strong wind or even a storm can shake a tree badly which might result in falling a heavy tree branch, or the tree itself. This can break the car roof, bumpers or even worse if ends up in a total loss of the vehicle.

Another thing is bird droppings – for example, you never know a bird sitting on roof poops on your vehicle which can cause paint damage and even erode the bodywork if not cleaned timely. So, it’s recommended not to park your vehicle under a tree.

  • Accidental Damage

Car accidents are very common in Kenya and unfortunately, this rate is increasing per year.  While some accidents lead to severe injuries, on-site deaths, there are also terrible car crashes that have taken many lives.

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When you drive rashly on the roads, it endangers the life of passengers as well. You might bring your family at risk due to unsafe driving.

Also, it damages your so expensive asset in a few seconds which will eventually result in high repair costs or even total loss. Regrets will be of no use thereafter.

  • Living near the beach

People who live in coastal areas definitely enjoy the cool breeze, peaceful surroundings, and mind blowing views. But do you have any idea how the humid weather can cause pernicious damages to your vehicle?

The coastal environment has a mix temperature, sun, and salty air which can eventually increase the corrosion of the car body.  Want to know how? There is a constant humidity in the environment of coastal areas.

The constant sun rays can cause the cars paint to cracks, which results in greater absorption of salty moisture — and ultimately, more corrosion.

Due to corrosion, car’s other parts, such as brake calipers, can also corrode. In order to prevent this loss, make sure to:

  • Park your vehicle in an enclosed car park
  • Your car is covered with a car cover if parked in an open sunny area.
  • Wash your car regularly.
  • Wax the paint timely. It will prolong its life as well as shine.
  • Unpredictable Mis-happenings

If we converse over the Natural Calamity Profile of Kenya, this East-Afrikan country has experienced a big number of natural hazards –  including floods, landslides, lightning, wildfires, and strong winds.

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No one can predict any mis-happening so this is completely out of your control. But still, there are some steps that can help you avoid this damage or cover this loss:

  • Always park your car in the allotted parking place. Try if you can have a small personal parking garage in your homes.
  • If your car is parked outside, ensure that it is completely locked.This means to shut your windows and sunroof completely and protect it with a heavy-duty, waterproof cover.

Now, the most important, make sure to purchase an insurance cover that provides an overall protection to your car. Most of the comprehensive car insurance plans cover you for natural calamities damage.

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To conclude, we have explained the different scenarios that lead to car damage.  Hope our article will help you to protect your car.


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