I’ve Been In a Car Accident: Now What? [Infographic]

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A major reason for motor accidents in Kenya is rash driving and excessive speed. In last few years, car accidents proved to be big threats accounting for 1048 accidents among which 310 were accidental deaths, 664 seriously injured.  This infographic is all about what a person should do if involved in a car accident.

Car accident - what to do after a car accident infographicCAR ACCIDENT AFTERMATH CHECKLIST

We have shared a 5 step guide to deal with an event where you have been in an accident.  Stay calm, take a deep breath first and then follow these steps:

CAR ACCIDENT CHECKLIST1. Check yourself and people with you in the car for injuries. If there is anyone injured, call the ambulance immediately.

CAR ACCIDENT CHECKLIST2. Talk to other driver and exchange personal info along with vehicle make, model and license number.

CAR ACCIDENT CHECKLIST3. Call the police to the scene and file the accident report. Never miss obtaining a report or report number.

CAR ACCIDENT CHECKLIST4. Take photos of the damaged vehicle and witness around.

CAR ACCIDENT CHECKLIST5. Make clear notes of whatever happened and talk to the witnesses. Collect information like phone number, address etc.


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