5 Tips To Avoid Car Insurance Claim Rejections In Kenya

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5 Tips To Avoid Car Insurance Claim Rejections In Kenya

Do you know that not all car insurance claims made in Kenya are honored? Insurance companies routinely reject claims because of various reasons.

As a policyholder, it is critical for you to understand situations where your claims may be rejected by the insurance company.

Here are some of the things you should not do if you want to avoid Car Insurance claim rejection in Kenya.

1. Do not lie on the proposal form

The proposal form is the document you fill to request an insurance company to underwrite the risks you expect to face when using your motor vehicle.

The proposal form is a critical component of the insurance process and as such, you are expected to be truthful when filling it. The insurance company relies on the information you provide on it to make a determination regarding the amount of premiums you should pay.

Should the company discover later that you failed to make material declarations regarding the car when filling the form, then any subsequent claim you make may be rejected.

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2. Report the accident within seven days

Another reason your claim may be rejected is if you don’t report an accident within seven days of its occurrence.

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In this case, insurance companies have policies regarding how long you should take before reporting an incident that may require its involvement.

Therefore, be sure to report any incident that may give rise to a claim within seven days of the occurrence of the incident.

3. Do not lie on the claim form

Lying on the claim form is another situation that can lead to the rejection of your claim. Some people usually try to maximize the chances of getting compensation from their insurer in the event of an accident, but in the process leave out critical details in their claim or make additions to it, obscuring the truth.

The reason you are insured is because of the risks of accidents occurring. You don’t have to make an accident seem accidental to get compensation. Just be straight forward and the system will work for you.

4. Do not accept liability without first contacting your insurer

You can also end up in trouble if you accept liability before you have contacted your insurer. When you pay your premiums, you stop being the liable party if your car is involved in an accident.

In reality, buying an insurance policy makes your insurer the bearer of your liabilities in case of an accident. Therefore, do not accept the liability before you have talked to your insurer. It is simply not your place to accept it.

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5. Do not drive with an expired license

When an accident occurs, you are only eligible for compensation if the person driving the car had a valid license. If your car is involved in an accident when in the hands of someone whose driving license isn’t valid, then the insurance company will not compensate you for it.

The driver, in addition to bearing the cost of the accident, will also be charged with the offence of driving without a valid license.

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