How To Apply For Duplicate Driving Licence In Kenya (Lost/Stolen)

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Lost Driving License - Get Duplicate Driving Licence In Kenya The driving license is an essential document to justify the fact that you can drive in your vehicle. You will be asked in case of police control and it is mandatory to have it on you.

If your license is lost or stolen, you will need to request a duplicate. For that, you will have to respect 2 stages. The first is to make a declaration of loss online or from your prefecture. If it is a theft, the statement is made in a police station.

Once your declaration of the theft or loss of the driving license has been made, you will receive a certificate allowing you to circulate legally while you obtain your duplicate license. This certificate is valid for 2 months. During this time, you will need to renew your driver’s license.

Be aware that this procedure is not free and that you will have to pay the price of the tax stamp to obtain the duplicate of your driver’s license. This will cost you the sum of 1800 KSh for a 3-year replacement license.

Find in this article the procedure to apply for duplicate driver’s license if it is lost or stolen.

NOTE – In case you need to renew your car insurance kenya you need to have a valid driving license at hand.

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Driving license lost or stolen: How to declare it?

Driving license lost or stolen

Please note that if you have been the victim of a theft of your driver’s license, you must make your move directly:

  • In a police station (all information to contact them by clicking here to make a declaration of the loss that will be useful for you to request the renewal of your license. A receipt will be given to you so that you can continue driving before receiving your new driver’s license.
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If you have lost your driver’s license, you must file a declaration of loss before you can request a duplicate of this document. For these two solutions are available to you:

  • Online: Go to the NTSA website  to create an account if you have not already done so go to the “Add/modify an application” section and choose “Driving license” as a new request and specifying “loss of title” as the reason
  • In prefecture or sub-prefecture: First of all, find out if you need to make an appointment to file your driver’s license loss declaration by clicking on the TIMS logo
  • Click SUBSCRIBE SMS (allows you to receive messages about the process).
  • After subscribing to receive SMS, click SAVE ACCOUNT, enter the National ID Serial Number, KRA PIN and one of your MOTHER NAMES. Your password will be sent to the mobile phone number you have provided. Enter all necessary information and change your password immediately. Protect your personal information, do not disclose your password to anyone. NTSA will not be responsible for any transactions made in your account.
  • In both cases, you will receive a certificate of loss either directly if you went to the prefecture or to download if you went through the internet. This document must be presented in case of a check until you have received your duplicate driving license (valid in Kenya only).

Note: If your driving license has been stolen or lost, you must first make a declaration of theft or loss. Without it, you will not be able to request a duplicate drivers license in kenya.

Other options you have is:

  • After successfully registering the account on TIMS, visit one of the following NTSA offices; Mombasa (Imaara building), Nairobi – (Likoni Road Inspection Center), Nakuru (Inspection Center) and Nyeri (Regional Commissioner Complex) for customization and processing of the Ksh smart driving license with a validity period of THREE years.
  • Click here to register your TIMS account.
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Duplicate Driving Licence in Kenya – Details & Requirements

Duplicate Driving Licence in Kenya - Details & Requirements

Details Requirements
Agency: Kenya Revenue Authority (i) Application form XII,
Purpose: Provide identity for qualified and licensed drivers on the road (ii) Copy of identity document
Application Fee: No Fee (iii) Copy of payment receipt
License Fee: 400/= if existing licence is valid for over 3 months, 1000/= for lost or expired license, 1800/= for 3 year replacement licence (iv) Copy of interim license and 2 passport size photographs
Maximum Processing Time: 5 days from date of receipt of application
Gazetted On: 1993-01-01
Related Websites:
Validity: Varied according to validity of previous license or renewal period
Enactment: 1993-01-01
Contact Office: Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Driving License Section 3rd Floor
Resolution Criteria: On submission of documents and payment of fee
License Type: License/Permit

Helpful Links:

Application for duplicate drivers licence in Kenya [PDF Download]

Documents Required – To replace a lost Kenyan driving licence

Documents Required – To replace old driving licence in Kenya

  • Application form XI
  • The defaced licence
  • Two passport size photos of the applicant
  • Photocopy of the ID
  • Payable fees of Ksh. 875

What to do if i find my lost or stolen license?

If you have already applied for a new permit or if the new permit has already been issued, you must report it to the prefecture and report your old permit declared lost or stolen.

If you have already made the declaration of loss or theft at the police station, you must inform them to have found your license and then destroy your receipt of declaration of loss or theft.

As not all prefectures work in the same way, it is recommended to contact your prefecture by phone to find out how to proceed.

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How to check if your driving license is original and valid in Kenya Online?

It is possible to check if your driver’s license is valid or not. The e-Citizen is an online portal that provides information on the status of the driving license. The portal serves as a single gateway to all services offered by the government.

Another ideal option is the KRA RTD driver’s license checker on the KRA website. You can opt for an NTSA Driver License check by downloading the NTSA app from the Google Playstore. These are the ideal solutions to know if my license is valid in Kenya.

Lost driving license in kenya – FAQ’s

Q: How to register with eCitizen?

  • You must have a Single Sign On account to register for eCitizen. Click on the “Sign In” link in the top right corner of any page and you will be guided through the registration steps.

Q: I lost my username and I do not have the number. How can I open an eCitizen account?

  • To register, the identification number is required for Kenyan citizens and the foreign certificate. Individual number for non-citizens. Visit the Huduma Center to request another piece of identification and the immigration department from your Foreigner certificate.

Q: Why should I sign up with eCitizen?

  • Registering with eCitizen allows you to apply for government services and pay online.

Q: I lost my driver’s license, I neither have copy nor ref. no. can I get a replacement?

A: Yes, you can send text messages with Word DL to 22430 to subscribe to NTSA services, step 2: dial *512#, then enter your ID number. You will receive your DL details with the reference number of the file. Use the number when requesting a DL duplicate.

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